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Vote like your life depends on it, because it does.

James Yamasaki



Impeach some SCOTUS Justices. Are you out of your fucking mind. Do you seriously want to open that door.

The end of the world is near, We May lose our right to vote.

Is this a comedy piece?

The Left has decided to sound 1,000X crazier than the Right sounded under Obama. It’s gut wrenching to witness the downward spiral.


But the accuser of Senator Fain has refused to go to the DC police to file a complaint even though the District of Columbia has a 15 year statute of limitations for sexual crimes and the States Senate Democrats have asked that she file charges so they can have a legitimate investigation. And still she won't do it.

But that's now considered credible?


@1 go fuck yourself.


This is the most consequential fucking election—midterm or otherwise—in our fucking lifetimes, and anyone who doesn’t show up for it can go to fucking hell.

And a 'writer' that is supposed to be a professional wordsmith should do better than that. Look to The Stranger for solid evidence nobody knows how to make a persuasive argument and that our education system really sucks. Blows my mind that people get paid to express their opinions this poorly. I read this publication to see if it can top its most juvenile statements from prior issues - about once a week I am not disappointed.

I think trial lawyers should start using this line of reasoning in court - "members of the jury, if you don't find my client innocent you can all go to hell".


@1, remember you live in Nazi America with Hitler in power and these are just like those mid-term elections held in Germany back in 1935....oh wait, they didn't have those did they?


"Vote like your life depends on it, because it does"

I can't vote because I'm already dead from #netneutrality & #taxreform

Stop with these over-exaggerations, vote because you want to vote. Don't vote, if you don't want to vote.


@3, Yes indeed, "go fuck yourself" the very definition of a winning argument. You are ready for the Oxford Union with that!


@3 Already did, right before my initial post. Nobody fucks me better than me.


Sarasmackdown - never change girl!


@9 Thank Dog there are people like you out there. One of the most depressing things I've witnessed in American politics since November 2018 is the progressives, whom I had formerly considered to be the reasonable ones, lose their collective minds.

If the Democrats do not take control of the House next month, it will be due to the overwrought resistance antics.



Awesome retort, joan!

There is a reason you and original Andy are tied for 1st place!


"If she governs the way she campaigns, then the people of the 9th are in trouble—if she wins, which she won't. But we're urging you to vote for Sarah Smith anyway"

Jill Stein, basically.


@11 If they do take control it may embolden the Alt-Left, which should concern everyone, including Democrats/Progressives.

The democrats should have this one in the bag with regard to the House. If the gains are marginal, it may have been no gains at all; it will be a rebuke of the Alt-Left.


Just all previous elections, this one will be easy-squeezy-lemon-peasy for me. Just vote Big D straight down the board and YES on I-1631 and I-1639.

Stranger Election Control Board: We need to add Pinky Vargas to the vote for list in the 42nd District. And while we're at it, let's oust the equally useless Luanne Van Werven and Vincent Buys from that same district, as well. Pinky's opponent, incumbent Thug Ericksen, R--Ferndale is a self serving criminal, has done far too much damage already, and MUST GO.


Pound sand. Nothing but a douche list of flushables. Brilliant stooges you have- “Pick every candidate with a D!!” Derp! The ship is being righted, the freak show of the Obamanites, will be nothing but a memory. MAGA!!!


How come the stranger keeps endorsing wannabe politicians who can’t seem to find the wherewithal to actually vote...them make up BS excuses why they didn’t.



Teh stoopid.....it hurrtz


As a relative of Ted Cooke's, I couldn't have summarized him better.


I agree that @1 should go fuck himself.

Fairly good endorsements this year!


@16: ....said the MAGA cap wearing dateless troll. LOL
@17 & @18: ....said the reigning King of Stupidity himself who desperately needs spell check. LOL Really, you and Derp-boy should get a room. Have fun riding your baloney zamboni.
@20 Will in Seattle: I third it.


@18: News flash, Ogie: Nobody wants to ride your zamboni pony because you're an illiterate crap spewing, MAGA cap wearing, trolling Mein Trumpfy wannabe. Like I and others have said before primarily to @1, go fuck yourself.


Ermmm....says the lonely cat lady with barely two nickels to rub together.... I’m sure posting is the highlight of your day.

Keep on keeping on.....

And just like every other man you have met, I would rather fuck my self than you.

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And nice postings towards me a half hour apart....bored much?


@23: Then do it--go fuck yourself. Why are you wasting words trolling?


@23: Couldn't you land Derp boy?


" The only "grocery type foods" we can slap sales taxes on, according to the state Department of Revenue, are "prepared food, soft drinks, or dietary supplements." Like baby formula?


What I'm interested in seeing is the Alt-Left response if the House isn't even taken. Definitely going to see a ramping up of civil disobedience, which is par for the course as far as resentment, and just generation sense of nihilism on the radical left.

President Trump will be tough to unseat in 2020. If Democrats don't choose the right candidate I know I won't be voting Democratic "just because."


@27 the best hope of unseating Trump is a serious attempt by the GOP to take the nomination away from him or at least cause enough political damage he can't win in November 2020. (Think Bush in 1992 or Carter in 1980) Though in those cases it was the parties bases that went after their own sitting President in this case what's left of the moderate (or at least the non-suicidal GOP) would need to make the challenge.

As for the Democrats? We'll have to see if any of the adults do well enough during the primaries or if the base will force the party further into la-la land. If the party goes insane in 2020 (like they did in 2016) Trump gets a second term. Assuming the economy doesn't collapse which still hasn't happened. No matter how much Rachel Maddow and Sam Seder promised it would back in December 2016


@28 GOP will be lockstep behind him. Seriously, aside from Ryan, I don't see a viable candidate stepping forward. Even Ryan will likely sit it out until 2024.

Democrats are in a bit of a pickle as far as viable candidates. I'm sure we're going to see the logical end of token POC running for president. The problem is on a national level people aren't going to vote based on that.

The Socialist movement here in Seattle is becoming less popular. I think we are going to see a reemergence of moderate progressives taking back the reigns, but that may not be for another election cycle. There's a silent majority that has to stand up to the Alt-Left or Trump will be in officer another 4 years, and SCOTUS will be the most conservative it's been in a very long time.

The Alt-Left has miscalculated the degree of resentment and nihilism moderate Democrats are willing to cling too.


I agree. At this point, I'm not even sure the House will switch given the "Kavanaugh Effect". I was more certain before the hearing. And, I'm exceedingly dubious that the Senate will flip which is far more important to the GOP.

I do believe Pres. Trump will win in 2020. Only 5 incumbent Presidents lost re-election in the 20th century (Taft, Hoover, Ford, Carter and Bush I). As long as Trump doesn't have one of three situations (a personal or political indiscretion like an affair with another woman or a "Watergate" scandal, a domestic or foreign crisis like the Depression or Iran and/or a third party candidate from the Right of the political spectrum), he will win re-election.

Sarasmackdown, you write some fascinating stuff.


@28 I call it the "silent peeling away." I know a lot of fellow LGBTQ folks for example that are disgusted in the Alt-Left coopting the moderate progressive movement. And there are many who are feeling disgusted, but not sure what it is they're experiencing. There's a lot of guilting in the community about not supporting Alt-Left derp, as if your abandoning your people, and/or holding Nazi views. It's backfiring. I don't think the chickens are coming home to roost soon enough to have 2020 in the bag.

Republicans have certainly taken Trump's win much better than the Democrats took Hillary losing. Meaning the Democratic party is still in the early stages of an identity crisis. Republicans, from what I see, know who they are, and where they stand. Trump is definitely a thorn in their side, but Republicans are willing to take the chances, and risk it all for the prize. Democrats are just angry, vindictive, and blaming everyone but themselves for their problems; not a productive or winning position to be in.


@30 Trump is inoculated from sex scandals. I was thinking about the Russian scandal, and how much that would drive impeachment for Trump. I firmly believe that even if Democrats took the House and the Senate they wouldn't impeach him. We would totally have investigation dumps, and other political shenanigans, but a Trump impeachment won't happen unless something has happen that is so egregious that Republicans have no choice but to support it.

Alt-Lefties keep talking about how the US has way more liberal voters than conservative voters and I couldn't disagree more. I think there is a fatigue setting in on even the Left with regard to seeing homeless people on the streets shooting up drugs, shitting on the streets, etc. that being more fiscally conservative is making a lot of sense.

I walked around collecting signatures for the repeal of the #taxamazon legislation, and there were so many moderate progressives that were disgusted by the vitriolic nature of Kshama's campaign against hard working people, and a Seattle-based business that has brought a lot of economic prosperity to the sound. I think Kshama's support is waning, Socialism is waning. I'm excited when there are protests that block streets, and there's masked ANTIFA fascists screaming at people, and threatening them. There will be a political price to pay for it. And it may not be this election cycle, but the backlash is coming. The ears are growing deaf to the nihilism, and resentment.


@sarasmackdown Several great points. Also what are the Democrats running on? All I hear from the Democrats is an anti-Trump rhetoric but no plans.

I'm just crossing my fingers that Trump declines running for reelection. I can't take another 4 years of psycho protests and the media calling for the end of the world.


@33 They have no plan. ZERO.

It's definitely exhausting to be hit with this wave of pessimism every day. Trump may decline to run again. Then again, he doesn't seem like the type that would back down from a second shot at the White House.

Slut-shaming Trump isn't going to get a Democratic president in the White House in 2020.


The biggest political mistake Democrats made during their tokenization of POC, Women, and LGBTQ folks is forgetting there are a lot of men out there struggling. I wish moderate progressive Men of color--White is a color too--would realize their only commodity to the left is the color of their skin, and their gender is in the crosshairs politically. If you don't serve the POC purpose then you are deemed useless, and the enemy. That's a fact.

Alt-Lefties are the ultimate Capitalists. Everything about each and every one of us is a political commodity that either serves the function of the victim or the enemy. And the line between the two is so thin, and each of us is teetering on that line that at any moment we are at risk of being deemed suspect, and the enemy. It's an interesting group think paranoia to witness play out.

I actually used to watch it at anti-Capitalist marches about 10 years when I would march in them. The further down the street we got people started looking around in the group, and accusing one another of being undercover police, plants, etc. It was during that time that I started distancing myself from what I seen as a real threat not just politically but literally physically.


I too, believe that the Dems are in great conundrum regarding the 2020 Presidential race. It's largely because they didn't expect to lose in 2016.

As of now, I can only see Sen. Harris and Sen. Warren at the top of the list. While the former is a more conventional liberal Democrat a la Hilary, the latter is considerably left of center. If Warren wins the nomination, the Dems don't stand a chance. Especially if they can't weed out the Antifa and other extremist elements of their lot.


@36 I firmly thought Hillary was going to win it. I still don't think Sanders would have won. I've looked at all the data out there about how he would have won, this that and the other. At the end of the day we will never know for sure. If you looked at the numbers at the time it looked like Hillary was going to win, but she didn't.

If Warren ends up on the ticket then Trump will win. Harris could be a threat to Trump if she manages her politics, and makes sure to appeal to moderates, and not pull a Nikkita Oliver and demand White votes-and if they don't vote for her they hate strong Black women-while at the same time calling every White voter occupiers and dependents of genocidal maniacs. Who am I kidding, of course that won't happen...

Identity politics is on the ground with a mortal wound. It's dying. Now they're trying to stuff intersectionality down our throats but I think most people have been inoculated to it not he Left.


Oh Stranger Elections Board, you are wrong on Prop 1 - the grossly enlarged iteration of the Families and Education Levy (now with the also overly long name, Families, Education, Preschool & Promise Plan).

There are several reasons but here are the main ones:

1) The Pre-K program is too expensive. I didn't say Pre-K isn't good; it is. But we are paying $12K per child and Boston, the gold standard for city pre-K - spends $11K. AND Boston, unlike Seattle, gets federal and state grant dollars. Seattle said it would apply but apparently didn't get any funds and is content with Seattle taxpayers paying all of it.

And, if you want to believe a wonky grad student at UW, Sheby Parsons, in an article at Crosscut, the cost is really something like $30,000 a kid. https://crosscut.com/2018/10/seattle-should-do-better-pre-k-funding

2)- K-12 dollars will now be able to be accessed by charter schools. Last I looked, The Stranger was NOT for charter schools.
What it will mean is FEWER dollars for Seattle Public Schools. You know, the ones that have real elected oversight.

And, once the WA Supreme Court rules on the current charter law (which I believe they will uphold), the floodgates will open with even MORE charter schools to drain MORE money from SPS.

This is not a good thing.

3) I find this "it's only $9 a month more" to be sad because The STranger generally talks about gentrification and the costs of living in Seattle.

Understand, the State has already put a property tax on for McCleary funding for our schools. Add on more for this levy. AND, in Feb. 2019, the Seattle Schools district will ask to renew their two levies. One of the two, the capital levy, will ask for over $1Billion dollars.

That is four property taxes and that's just for education. You whine about people being driven out of areas like the CD? This is why. And, as Saul Spady points out, it's not just homeowners - all that property tax increase will hit renters.

It seems like the City has its hands full now -homelessness, transportation, neighborhood issues, you name it - and yet they want to vastly expand the Department of Education? It seems odd.

This levy needs to be defeated and the Mayor and City Council need to scale back and put in real language that protects the K-12 dollars for Seattle Public Schools. This could happen as early as April 2019.

The current Families and Education levy has a $12M underspend; the Pre-K has a $1M underspend. No programs will get halted because the levy fails.

I urge a NO vote on Prop 1.

Melissa Westbrook
Seattle Schools Community Forum blog


Re EXTRA SPECIAL BLUE WAVE ENDORSEMENTS addressing "surprisingly competitive" "races outside our distribution area," are Issaquah, Kent, Auburn and Maple Valley outside your distribution area? You are aware the 8th District (Schreier vs. Rossi) is not in the "central" area of the state but straddles the Cascades and includes the above cities in its western node? If not, get your head out. Want cred? Do the journalistic legwork to earn it. Please, no headnodding kumbaya - this is a dirty knife fight for democracy, don't come equipped with hackysack, quinoa salad and your latest cool app.


@34 Nobody has to slut shame Mein Trumpfy for sex scandals when he openly gloats about it! This Shithead-in-Chief has already bragged about his penis size and that if Ivanka wasn't his daughter, he'd fuck her. The entire administration is a nightmare and must be ousted. Pull your head out already.


@40 And replace him with Pence. No thanks.

You're so obsessed with getting rid of Trump you haven't offered not one alternative.


@40: If you had read my post more carefully, I clearly stated a dire need for ousting the ENTIRE Trump Administration--and that includes the equally horrific Mike Pence, too. "The entire administration is a nightmare and must be ousted."
Alternatives? I'll take anyone who's a Democrat. RepubliKKKans are shameless criminals unfit to govern--period.
You're so obsessed with rabidly starting heated arguments, fanning the flames, and sending the game into extra innings you miss the big picture, Cujo.


I'm a big fan of The Stranger, including your endorsements which I find informative and helpful (and funny). I think your endorsement in the Shoreline District Court Judge Position 1 was unfairly disrespectful to Commissioner Ponomarchuk and woefully incomplete on information. You said nothing about his 20 years of experience as Commissioner in King County Superior Court, including hearing thousand of cases exactly like the ones he would hear in District Court. This is versus his opponent's very limited experience only as a judge "pro tem" (substitute/temporary). I think this is very relevant for voters. Ponomarchuk does not excuse his behavior in the instance you note and takes full responsibility for it. The Commission on Judicial Conduct noted the job of a family court commissioner is "important, difficult and stressful (and) the people they interact with are often unrepresented and cannot or will not comply with basic family and other responsibilities." They also noted Ponomarchuk "has a reputation for being a competent, conscientious and knowledgeable judicial officer." I've been a family law attorney for over 40 years and I certainly agree with those observations. I would hate to lose Ponomarchuk in family court but he would be an outstanding addition to the District Court bench.


You completely missed the mark by not endorsing Shannon Braddock in District 34. She is really an amazing, talented, no BS PROGRESSIVE policy expert. Also, I find i curious that you focus on her as a "single mom" with six years of county government experience but fail to go into detail about her extensive work history? I worked with her on the Hill in DC, where I knew her to be a brilliant person. In addition, she was the chief of staff to a county commissioner and, while you mention her endorsement by the Chamber, you fail to mention she has organized labor's endorsement. AND: The Seattle Times Alliance for Gun Responsibility Vashon Progressive Alliance 34th District Democrats King County Democrats King County Young Democrats Metropolitan Democratic Club of Seattle Young Democrats of Washington National Women’s Political Caucus of Washington Washington State Labor Council Washington Federation of State Employees Seattle King County Building and Construction Trades Laborers Local 242 Firefighters Local 27 IUPAT District 5 Washington State Nurses Association PAC UFCW 21 Aerospace Machinists 751 Central Puget Sound Carpenters Local 30 SEIU 775 SEIU 1199 IBEW 46 ILWU Local 42 ILWU 19.


does Sarah Smith having anything to her campaign other than parroting DSA slogans and her youthful good looks? Wasn't she busted for not actually living in the district and lying about her experience?


@44 You can't call yourself progressive if you're taking tens of thousands of dollars from Corporations and their lobbyists. Not to mention the fact that both Shannon and Joe signed a pledge to support a constitutional amendment to get corporate and big monied interests out of politics, yet Shannon apparently sees no problem in taking tens of thousand of dollars from the same groups she supposedly wants to get out of politics. Its hypocrisy at its finest, and we already have enough politicians who put their own interests before the people they are supposed to represent.


The Stranger is becoming more and more establishment by the day. By 2024, they'll be endorsing candidates by looking at the Democratic Party website.


How did the SECB fail to endorse Dem. Pinky Vargas for Senate to FLIP THE 42nd in Whatcom County?!!! This is a large and overlooked district in Whatcom County that is not getting the attention that it deserves. It looks to be a more easily flipped district then many of the other more "popular" flippable districts. Pinky is a strong grassroots political candidate that has been twice voted to the Bellingham city council. She has support and endorsements of teachers, planned parenthood, firefighters, machinists, cannabis groups, is pro-gun responsibility, just to name a few. She is the right candidate for the people of North Whatcom county that has historically supported very right wing repressive, prejudice, and nasty politicians out of lack of choice. The 42nd is really more purple then it is red. It just hasn't had the opportunity until now to show it. Support Pinky! Interview her! She is an amazing new democratic woman candidate that really could help change the WA state senate to align with progressive values while representing a very large, rural, and nearly purple district.


I-1631: I was in the energy biz a few decades back. When Washington State decided it had to add a layer of bureaucracy on top of functions normally handled at city and county levels. The result was WPPSS. No thanks.

The state doesn't have much skin in the energy game at this time. And absent some major reorganizations (run PSE, Seattle City Light and other utilities at the state level for example), funneling a few billion dollars through an oversight board with no clear plans on what to do is a recipe for disaster. Again. Contractors leaving with pockets stuffed with cash. And worse.

First, come up with a plan. Then a budget. And then we'll figure out how to fund it. Let's avoid this 'Last Chance! Buy Now! Hurry! Get them while they last!' psychology.


Whew!----Sara must have finally gotten a rabies shot. And some people think I'm hysterical.


@51 Saraneedsarabiesshot'ssister:: I suggest that if you're a sanity fan, you might want to go reread some of Sara's most rabid of multiple comments. I was responding to her lashing out. To me, that's not mellow, miss 'splainer.
I hear your points made but remember: your "write in for someone sane"--anyone other than Hillary Clinton, no matter how much you or anyone else may despise her--was a vote for Donald J.Trump. I, on the other hand, am comforted that I did not contribute to DJT's illegal occupation of the White Trash House. I don't need prozac, honey, but you can go soak your head.


Dear Stranger editors, I know comment moderation is a tough gig, especially in politics, but are you okay with what you're participating in here? How bad can it get before you'd shut off comments?

It's a cesspool of concern trolling and anti-civic sniping, and I'm talking about some of my supposed partisan allies too. Soaking in a cesspool maybe doesn't bring out anyone's best, or it's just trolling for divisiveness.

I can't speak to whether any of the kneejerk crowd is on payroll or on 4chan, but there are plenty who act like that, which is the real point, whatever the motivations may be. Politics commenting here has had its issues for a long time, but I remember when people commented useful information onto your endorsement posts.

Proposal: you're an opinionated paper. Hire an intern to lay down some opinionated moderation. Readers can either choose to read those comments, or flip to a free speech comment section ruled by Katie Herzog.


Has anybody at The Stranger watched the Republican attack ads on Shrier that are currently airing?

How dumb does the Washington State GOP think the electorate here is. The ads strongly imply that if Shrier is elected state sales taxes and gas taxes will rise.

Do they think voters don't know that Shrier is running for the US Congress, not the state legislature and therefore, can't directly or even indirectly raise Washington STATE taxes?

Or maybe the Washington State GOP is itself just that stupid. Now there's food for thought.


@53 Mtn. Beaver: I offer what comments I feel are relevant and possibly helpful (see my comment @15 regarding the 42nd District--there are incumbents, all three staunch GOP who really need to go) . However, I am unafraid to stand up for myself and others when the usual trolls lash out. Heaven help us should the day come when a hired PC monitor controls what anyone can and cannot post. That's sounding more like something out of George Orwell's propaganda novel, 1984.


@29 et. al - A master class in conflating one's twitter feed with "The Democrats".


@51 Hillary won by nearly 3M votes. It was only through a fluke of our Constitution, designed at the time to protect slave states AND massive, criminal meddling by Russia that Trump was the one standing on inauguration day.


@53 I could not agree more. This is the most depressing Slog thread I've read in a very long time - with the notable exception being Melissa Westbrook's well researched, well written and thoughtful post.


@57: Thank you for providing the #1 reason why the electoral college has got to go.


@50 the radicalized centrist is a scary thing.

She lost me at (paraphrasing) "not going to vote for just anyone they put up against Trump." Really? I mean in theory they could dig up Stalin's corpse, but effectively that's essentially equivalant to Sawant's idiot Clinton Trump same declaration. Show me an actual potential Dem contender who would be worse from any degree of left if center perspective. Maybe Sarah need to admit to herself that she's actually Sammamish Republican Lite? It might bring her peace.


from any degree of left of center perspective. The rest of the typos were intentional.


Thanks! I just take your suggestions and do the opposite.


Hey Stranger politics writers! Thanks for doing this every time. Having more than one voting guide from more than one perspective is SO important. It may seem like a thankless job - but really REALLY Thank You!


It's crucial to vote for I-940. If the measure somehow loses at the polls, every police guild in the state will take it as a mandate to preserve the status go-to continue to deny that racist police violence is a thing, to continue to oppose de-escalation training, to fight to the bitter end to defend the unreasonable requirement that those challenging police violence prove "malice" on the part of the officers committing the violence. This issue was SUPPOSED to be settled in the Legislature-don't let Tim Freaking Eyman preserve the police violence status quo just to continue his pointless vendetta against public transportation.


"Meanwhile, Justice Steve Gonzalez is a fucking prince who made us all blush with his uhhh huh huh handsome command of the justice system. Gonzalez can hold us in contempt anytime."

A big hiss to the sexism of the multi-gender broads on the SECB.


This is seriously the greatest local voter's guide I have ever looked at. Got the ballot in front of me and every single person the Stranger recommended, I voted against :-D I didnt even know who half these people or positions are, but as long as you know who you shouldn't vote for (anybody the Stranger likes), it becomes as simple as sh-t! Thank you Stranger


I would SO love to see the findings of FBI investigator Robert Mueller's report on Russian collusion with the Trump campaign fully publicized. May the totally evil Trump / Pence swamp be drained, the Blue Wave wash clean, and the vile RepubliKKKan Party of .0000000001% go permanently down in flames.
@67: You really need to pull your typically pathetic, trolling little head out, Chris! It's vote FOR who The Stranger recommends, not against.


@68: Grammatical correction: "...It's vote FOR whom The Stranger recommends, not against".


@67 Look little girl, I've watched you and your insane rhetoric and quite frankly abusive crap long enough to know exactly what you are. Dont come on here and try the shuck and jive routine again with me as the current target of your insanity. Now I know, this this voters guide is ostensibly for other ultra leftist nutjobs to know who to vote for, but as someone who is not so political and just got a ballot, I needed some point of reference to know how to vote on the like 500 positions on the ballot. So while I googled for a more conservative list of picks, I stumbled onto this gem, and it made my life 500 times easier. There is nothing I could have found that would serve as a perfect guide on who to vote for other than this juvenile, crude, piece of smelly, ghetto ass shit that was this voters guide. It is just about as good as any voters guide or picks list I could have found, because its so objectionable that it makes it easy to vote for the other person or position in every case. And there isnt a guide more comprehensive because it has basically everything on my ballot. So i reiterate my heartfelt gratitude to the Stranger for this. Very useful.


And yeah, you knew I meant @68 ;-) Right Drizella? :-D As I recall she was the ugly one so you are aptly named.


Fuck you and the truly ugly cur that bore you, Mike---oh, I'm sorry--Chris-- Myers-----I can see through your cheap, cowardly trolling leather mask. You and others of your ilk are afraid of ME! You must be with so much dribble to post and so little to actually say, you actually made my day. Not bad for a fifth grader on remedial reading. Your pathetic misquotes, misspellings and grammatical errors are priceless. LOL Do you still live at home, Chris, with Mommy and Daddy? Or are you slowly rotting down there in Mother's fruit cellar like Norman Bates? Do you stuff all those poor, innocent birds to fill your spare time at The Bates Motel? Is it sheer boredom or is it because you can't get laid? Cry to your mommy, not at me.


So...my semi-automatic 22 target rifle with a hand-fed tubular magazine is now an "assault rifle"? To what - squirrels?


@72 I'll let you keep talking because you seem to like to talk a lot abusively about nothing. This guide served its purpose and I mailed my ballot in this morning. I now have little reason to continue to stay and swap barbs with a very ugly person. Just a word of advice, when people come to these comments sections, and see the crap and abuse you hurl, it does nothing to make you look good or make your side look... well.... SANE. If I wasn't convinced before that you were repugnant, it is now very clear to me.


I wouldn't vote for a Democrat now if my life depended on it. They're completely unhinged and condone violence and intimidation. The party has cooked their own goose. Take the house and senate??? Lmao. They're done for a while. People are waking up.



Afraid of you?

Lmfao.....ummmm, ok. Must be that poor,lonely cat-lady phobia...


@74, @75, & @76: PhewEEEEEE! Look at all the pathetic RepubliKKKan trolls with nothing left but to spew their hypocrisy, hatred, ignorance, and inbred stupidity. You three are among the idiots duped by Trump. Grow up.
@75: "Violence and intimidation"? Democrats?? Did you witness the Joey Gibson hate rally in Seattle on August 18th? Planned Parenthood clinic bombings? Mass shootings? Those were entirely GOP fueled, honey. Do us a favor and go back to sleep.
@76: Yes, Ogie, you, Chris, Gretchen, and others like you are indeed, afraid of people like me who make sense, vote wisely, and know better than to fall into the RepubliKKKan trap.


@74: I voted, too, Chris, and most likely canceled your pathetic GOP vote out. Deal with it.


@74: "I'll let you keep talking". Who died and made you God? I'll split the difference and you can kiss my ass.


Thank you Stranger for this list! It helped me determine who I wanted to vote for....the opposite of who you recommend!

By the way, do you kiss your mother with that mouth? Good God open a thesaurus.


@80: Gee--another pathetic troll reports in to the daycare center for Story Time. Which one are you, Chris's, Ogie's, or Gretchen's Big Brother? LOL. If you're another clueless Trumpist idiot like the three above mentioned, my offer extends to you, too. By the way, I have and use my thesaurus. As for voting wisely, I recommend you get a clue before casting your ballot on November 6th. Don't buy the lies and bullshit fueled by the GOP.


It's the economic wonders gnashing their teeth over the "resentment" from their inferiors that keeps bringin' me back. Watching formerly surface-reputable "moderate progressives" relishing the permission they've been granted to dip their toes in the fascist pool would be a sociological marvel if it weren't so predictable. Even the well-dressed chimps go a little crazy when their leash is let out too far.


@82: Troll much?


NONE of those clandidates will even scratch the Class-War Surface: fuck them! --- unemployedworkers.org & nationalhomeless.org & corporatewelfare.org .





Is joe Nguyen gonna actually vote this time around?


Before Trump, my husband and myself considered ourselves uber liberal. Then uber liberals started sounding just as crazy as uber conservatives. We have now put ourselves in the centrist camp and hope that once both sides stop foaming at the mouth and gnashing their teeth, we can return to actually moving forward.


@85 & @86: Stop consuming so much toxic waste, Ogie, before what's left of your peabrain turns to complete mush.
@87 seventieslilo: I salute your bravery for trying to see both sides. The trench is chillingly deep.

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