Colorized photo from some old 1940s mine worker lunch break? Nope, the VIP section as it fills up at a 2018 Donald Trump rally, at a hangar at Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport. Nate Gowdy

The "White People" stands flanking the stage. To be fair, all were "White People" sections. Nate Gowdy

Confederate War Veteran for Trump. Nate Gowdy

Donald Trump (left) meets with supporters, assures all that his body parts are normally sized. Nate Gowdy

Looking for a way out? Nate Gowdy

Air Force One landed and rolled up to the theme song to which 1997 movie starring Harrison Ford? Yup. Nate Gowdy

Commander-In-Chief Fulla Bull rants about immigrants in front of people who were pretty much wiped out by immigrants. Nate Gowdy

More white people in red hats. Nate Gowdy

A Mariners jacket in the audience?! Boo this man. Boo him. For shame. For shaaame. Nate Gowdy

Republican Matt Rosendale, who was running against Democratic incumbent Jon Tester for Senate, strains himself trying to hear anything that makes sense at a Donald Trump rally. This was three days before numbers actually came in showing Rosendale's probable loss. Nate Gowdy

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Conspiracy Theorists for Trump! Nate Gowdy

Earning his White Nationalist merit badge... Nate Gowdy