Master Dylan told an online friend he had "reserves" of silicone in his house and knew how to inject himself and "other folks." Levi Hastings



First off, 1 - c'mon, this dude was obviously lying, obviously into silicone injections, all these dudes did so recreationally. "I forbid it" GTFO. Yeah I mean sure, he maybe didn't direct the fatal injection specifically, but he's responsible for the scene [and I don't even think that being into it should be a crime or troubling on its own]. The lying about it doesn't bode well tho.

2 - what kind of major fucking asshole bills someone for gifts? "My teenage son trying to get his favorite hoodie back after a breakup" is an entire twitter genre. Gifts are gone, bro.

3 - This dude basically wrote "If I Did It"? What a weirdo. The dude's obviously a pretty extreme narcissist. Is that in the DSM?


This entire saga is heartbreakingly sad on so many levels.



"... what kind of major fucking asshole bills someone for gifts? . . . Gifts are gone, bro."
(Other than STDs, I'd hafta agree)

Oh, and now young Jack Chapman's gone, too.


If any of Dylan's other pups find he becomes controlling and they want to talk to somebody about it, might try (though I have not used their services personally).


Intersting article.I was looking at the link you posted. I don't see where the messages you quoted mention silicone. Is it a misprint?


Hi Dylan at R6, sorry, I mean "Dragon125".


Adrian Quirarte
ex-boyfriend of Daniel

Could he have been tortured by Dylan and Daniel? Could they have used the same techniques as they used to break the other slaves?

It's pretty obvs that things were fucked up. Maybe this dude was tortured into thinking he has an implant?

I dunno. It's just a theory but he might be worth a chat.

(He's in the comments)

Maybe this was a cover-up. Maybe it was a murder. Maybe someone got jealous and Dylan had nothing to do with it. It's definitely a case of "we're all mad here" ain't it?


This really is sad.


This saga has more characters than the Austin Powers movies. At first, I thought it was fiction when I read the first one now even more so. I mean come on now there is a Dr. E (Could he be Evil), and a mysterious stranger they called the "enthusiast" who has now come forward to incriminate himself and blow the lid. don't just tease show us the direct messages you can blot out the guy's name and all. also, I agree with the dragon guy I looked at those messages and didn't see silicone mentioned its "says and the with grey patch blank". Considering you are using a link and quoting it should actually appear in the quoted text.


Seattle operates by the same rules that the rest of the country operates on. We like to believe that we're somehow different, more enlightened. We're not.

And the rule in question here is, the golden rule. He who's got the gold makes the rules.

Dylan is a software developer. He got rich working for Adobe and now does a lot of freelance stuff. While everyone who's lived here longer than say 5 years or so hates tech boys like him, the city government knows these guys have all the money. Mayor Durkan and the entire council had to bend themselves like contortionists to move from head tax to no head tax the second Bezos and his Bastards objected.

The SPD have been overly enthusiastic when it comes to police brutality. So, you'd think such an aggressive police force would have someone so obviously guilty of murder hanging from the light posts near the Seneca Street freeway ramp as a warning to incoming traffic about where the line is they need to toe. Brian Torgerson's brain damaged, John T Williams got carved up, and the streets ran red with Trublood's true blood, so why isn't Dylan suffering he same fate?

Because the SPD only kills you if you're poor. In this town, as long as you got money, you can do whatever you want. You can even murder two of your lovers and get away with it.


Dylan’s work at astroturfing is really impressive, given his new profiles @6,8,10.


Some people need better hobbies.


Wow everything about this is disgusting.


wow @12, I am sorry you are so angry that a person of color is not lynched and hug from a street light. On your opinions alone and your interpretation of the law and for not toeing the line you feel your privilege give you the right to set. It seems you are angry that a person of color make more money that you using their talents and skills. Thank you for this insight into your city I see why this story is constantly rehashed here. Sorry to inform you but adults are responsible for their own choices and decisions. tanks passing was sad but in the end, it was his decision and choices that led to it.



You've reduced this man's entire existence to nothing more than his skin color. In your ind, the only hing about him that exists at all is his Blackness. Now, which one fo us is the real racist?


@13 - Agreed. And even falling back into old tropes too; surprised he hasn't busted out some sort of "death threat" yet, he really does love those.


@17 Actually you are. For mentioning hanging from a lamp post a picture seen way to many times in this country. Why did you go straight to that as a illustration? Because it is a deep rooted image of vigilanty justice. I also mentioned his talents and skills you know the things that earned him his money you are so envious of that you make it your first complaint. Actually no one mentioned him being black because he is not, those are your words and how you identified him. I said person of color which is a term to cover those of noneuropean desent. Funny how you jumped to black after your first comment about hanging from lamp post. So I say with great certainty that you 17 are a raciest. If there were any blanks you left out you retort is more than sufficient in filling in any gaps your first post missed. So in closing please look deep in your psyce and find the roots of your well buried issues and seek to change.


@13 Yeah, I'm not Dylan. I don't even get why you'd think that.


great writing on this Daniel, but MAD PROPS to anon silicone enthusiast. I know how small the LGBTQI+ community can be & feel, with niche fetishes like these even smaller, being willing to talk to the press, while this narcissist and former friend could have the power to shun you. Screw those guys, and there is a larger community in Seattle that will welcome you anon, if you have information that could potentially save someones life, keep telling your truth man.



Go fuck yourself, Mark. This guy murdered two gay men, and you're looking for ways to help him get away with it.


@23 I have yet to see any proof and still not sure how it got to two. Only one was in a relationship with him. The other one had a husband who emphasize the fact that Peter was not a pup and that Peter hated Dylan so not sure how he is responsible for Peter death the police know who did Pete's injection and it wasn't Dylan. Tank was a grown man and did what he wanted to do this article is dubious to me as the very first quote is not supported by the link it is referring to. Anyway how are you doing with your prejudice issues did you see a therapist yet or are you still in denial. Sorry that there is no evidence other than rumors and speculation. Shady sources in a tabloid paper founded on the Onion is not reliable to me.

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