The Stranger Regrets These Errors: Mistakes We Made in 2018

Our annual accounting of missteps, blunders, and accidents.



You guys were mean to Erica C. Barnett and SHE. IS. NOT. HAVING. IIIIIIITTTTT!!!! #twittergoboom #firstshitshowof2019 #professionalvictimpotcallsprofessionalvictimkettleblack


Typos and other innocuous errors shouldn't be included.


"Charles Mudede does not regret his cat's name: Cat."

Soooo... Chuck smoked so much pot in 2018 that his muddled little mind thinks he's Holly Golightly now?


Ms. Keimig should know that Tumblr regrets that the FuckYeahGrannyPanties tumblr is still a going concern.


The electoral college has nothing to do with the fact that every state, including Wyoming, gets exactly two Senators. Your civics teachers regret your lack of attention in class.


Ironically, Keynes would probably conclude that running a corrections piece on spelling his name wrong in a post vindicates his idea that broken windows create work for the repairman, and therefore, prove his point about the multiplier.

By contrast, I don't believe you need demand side economic policies, as long as you've got Jesus.


I regret giving up my original beehive wig but am thankful to have found this replacement. Life can't be alright until you have beehive on your head!


I regret not (adequately) editing shit BEFORE submitting.

I also (sometimes) regret no Delete Button.

@7 -- the higher the Hair, the closer to God.


@8 - In that case, my hair is like a stairway to Heaven!


9: A Hairway to Steaven. Or...something.


a_seattle_science_teacher @5 said it perfectly, but just to add to the chorus: The Electoral College has nothing to do with electing senators.

I was relieved and encouraged to see earlier in the article that the Stranger still employs a copy editor, then depressed anew to see this screamingly obvious error in the annual Regrets article of all places. I regret The Stranger's collective inattention to detail.


@5 @11

It's not an oversight or lack of attention to detail. Even just from reading this piece it should be patently obvious to anyone with any real civic or political experience that the writers at The Stranger are absolutely ignorant of the basics of how this country functions, how policies get made and programs funded, how elections work, etc.

Anyone taking political advice from The Stranger deserves what they get. Eagerly awaiting their piece on the SCCInsight expose of Sawant being controlled by her political cult and committing hundreds of ethics violations:


""In the 2018 midterms, 12 million more people voted for Democrats in Senate races than Republicans, yet those elephant motherfuckers are still in control of that chamber of government. We regret the Electoral College.""

First, What the fuck does the Electoral College have to do with either the Mid Terms OR the Senate races?......
Second, Motherfuckers is an expletive reserved for newly elected female members of Congress!!