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Especially if there's a little THC mixed in.

CBD does wonders for my gout. Leah St. Lawrence



"This is what cannabis provides people: an inner logic, a world within that cannot be experienced by or translated to others. It is an alienating form of joy."

Yes! The problem -- well, for some of us it's a problem, I know plenty of folks enjoy it -- I have with being high is that it makes everything seem so damn profound. It's exhausting, constantly taking in all that profundity, and you just have to sit there alone taking it all in because your ability to communicate with others is impaired.

I also use CBD for pain relief and have figured out that CBD products with a small amount of THC do seem to be more effective than no-THC products. But I'm such a lightweight that even 5:1 products can make me uncomfortably high (oh shit, here comes the profundity). I have been searching for a reasonably-priced 25:1 CBD/THC tincture for years ... maybe some day.

Related: Pure CBD sells for more per ounce than gold (https://www.leafly.com/news/industry/leafly-investigation-cbd-prices-confusing).


I’m sorry you have gout, Charles — that’s terrible — but I’m happy you found a drug that helps! I take it that colchicine wasn’t a good solution for you? It’s not a steroid, but it can be hard on the kidneys for some people.


I am no expert but my husband also has had gout. Seeing a rumatologist helped and cbd.
There is a version of cbd that comes from the hemp plant and has no thc. You can buy this type in all states and order it online, it’s possible order it and have it mailed thru usps.
It seems to be called “hemp oil” when I search for it on amazon.com. We found that the drops or vape options work the best. The swallowable pills gave my husband heart burn and smoking is ok but it’s easy to measure amounts of what works for you.
Good luck on your journey and thanks for sharing your story and what you have found to work for your illness.


Allopurinol every day (500mg) and sour cherry juice work for me. I've been taking the pill for years. It's cheap and generic. When I get an occasional flareup, the cherry juice is tasty and easy (I buy it as a syrup at the Lebanese market on the corner. I was made in Slovenia).


@4 is right - Allopurinol is very effective Charles.


I see restaurants have stopped buying ad space and marijuana dispensaries/manufacturers have taken up that slack.


Charles, if you're willing to go non-preroll, you can definitely buy CBD flower strains with next to zero THC. I still find the effect a bit more head-noticeable than oral CBD.

I'm gonna assume Charles's doctor knows standard gout treatment.

What's funny to me is I had a bottle of Slovenian sour cherry syrup for years. I tried to use it as a mixer but it was not popular. I had no idea of the gout angle!


Charles, other things you could do to avoid gout outbreaks before the fact: loose weight... slowly, avoid diuretics in all forms (incl. blood pressure meds of the diuretic variety) and of course alcohol, exercise, avoid certain meats and shellfish. All I can say is that regimen worked for me for 10+ years.


Apart from the profoundly satisfying joy that is only self-experienced, laughing with one another while stoned is a joy and a social good. The recollections of such times, a glue in lifelong connections. Shared laughter is the tui shou of stoners.


My picture of Charles as a dissolute, fading relic of a lost last remnant of the Grand Imperial Age is now complete.

Have you tried a tincture, Charles? And perhaps a linen suit?


I'm glad you have found a local cure that works.

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