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I get extremely painful periods. Pot suppositories changed my life.

There are 11 hidden objects in this drawing. How many can you find? Aaron Bagley



Hi! This is for the author...Your article is great! I'm sure you have exhausted every avenue via your doctor(s) to find out what it is that causes such serious pain. But have they checked for fibroids? My mom used to have symptoms that sound exactly similar and it took them awhile to diagnose them. Just thought I would share. I also turned her onto CBD and she now regularly takes it (edible form). Thanks for sharing your story!


Wow. I just had a long conversation with my best friend who has struggled with endo for years. She just had a major setback after having “game changing” surgery last fall that she had hoped would cure her. Maybe this setback doesn’t mean the surgery failed, but it was the return of excruciating pain. We talked about CBDs, which she has tried. Neither one of us ever found pot to be our thing. So, even though we are intrigued by its benefits m, we don’t know where to navigate. I love that I wake up to this funny headline on a serious issue. I sent it to her before the crack of dawn and hope that she will be inspired by you and discover a new game changer in her butt. (We laugh hysterically together- so this would be a perfect solution on many levels!!)


I think it's cool!


Yeah, pretty cool;
but getting thru customs is still the #1 reason for putting pot up your butt...


Anal lining (rectum) is a more "absorptive" membrane than vaginal lining.


I use CBD oil for my Endometriosis too. It helps, I'm not taking handfuls of NASIDS. What sucks is hysterectomy doesn't cure it. Birthcontrol/Lupron forced menopause drugs don't either as the endo makes its own estrogen to continue to grow and cause more pain. The shit gets more serious the longer it goes as the endo can start growing on your surrounding organs and fucking those up. However, docs and insurance push those treatments that don't work, if they even listen to you as it took 15 years for me to get a gyn to do anything, as many thought puking from period pain is acceptable or I was being a wimp or lying. Check out Nancy's Nook on facebook as there's a list of specialist doctors that have good track records for surgery and treatment.


I tagged along to a dispensary while I was visiting family in MT over the holidays, and it felt so weird. It was this great little shop (little more than a shack) out in the trees, off any main roads. It felt so odd to have to do this, where around Seattle, my experience is that a dispensary is typically one of the most slick-looking, lucrative businesses in the neighborhood.

Anyway, it's great to hear you've found something to get past it. It's hard to really understand without having gone through it yourself, but the dread of knowing you'll have to go through that every 4 weeks sounds awful, let alone the pain of actually going through it.

I'll be sure to pass this on to anyone I know that mention similar complaints.


Don't worry Sara, it won't be 50 bucks a month forever, another couple of years or so and just about every home in North America will have at least one cannabis product in the medicine cabinet, a couple in the kitchen, maybe a little something in the bedroom. As the hemp industry matures, prices will come down.

There's lots of new CBD based products. Very cool that you found something that works so well for you but I'm not surprised it was CBD, cannabis seems tailor made for human use. It produces cannabinoids, we have cannabinoid receptors. Nature's genius, a perfect match.


Pencil or cigarette
Container of CBD
Chocolate bar


You say you tried everything, "Advil, Tylenol, ibuprofen..." but Advil and ibuprofen are the same thing. Did you mean Aleve? (Both are NSAIDS.)

Thanks for being so open in order to help others.


Yes. Thank you for sharing this pertinent info runs to pot shop

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