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Dungeons & Dragons has a new class of converts.

Another successful Dungeons & Dragons adventure in the books—go team! Courtesy of Lake Washington Girls Middle School



Cool article but you can't do this without saying which rule set they use so people on the internet can tell them they're wrong.

I'd certainly be pleased if my kids would go in for something like this.

Piers Anthony is amazingly horrible if you're not reading him as a naive fifth grader. Even then some of the uber-creepy author's notes were clearly bad news.


I'm glad to see D&D gaining mainstream acceptance. When I played it as a kid in the 80's you were careful whom you let know, because you didn't want to get picked on. Girls who played were especially appreciated because they were so rare, and most of the boys were desperate for female company.


@1- there is no wrong edition. Except for 4th.


@3: The question is really do you want the unwieldy, giant but lovable amorphous mess that 3/3.5 is, or do you want the more streamlined, "dumbed down" but much cleaner and accessible version of 5?

Playing a wizard in 3rd edition is basically playing a literal god. It's so amusingly broken.


That's some awesome gamevangelism, good to hear it has caught on. I can see how kids dealing with a higher pressure, more constrained modern childhood would love a chance to play a game where you can be someone who actually gets to decide what happens in their life. I run two games and have more people who want to play than can fit. Unfortunately in our age group its still mostly boys who will give it a chance.


@4- our group kind of jumped ship for Pathfinder. Just as unwieldy as 3/3.5 but fun. For those times when we just need a break from the hour long combat rounds we switch to dungeon crawl classics. Also enjoy a good game of Delta Green.


I love this, Sid is the kid who helped bring this vision about as she was the one who asked about learning the game via the "Stranger Things" Netflix series...

When they started, it was only 4 girls, and to see it blossom to about 30 the next year, is a pretty big deal. I love the no screens, and human interactions that occur from playing board games. Bravo LW, bravo.


As someone who used to play D&D at Gary Gygax's (the game's creator) home in Lake Geneva, WI, and who competed in the AD&D tournaments at GENCON in Parkside, Kenosha... I have to say that D&D introduces kids to some seriously occult topics. It's sad, because it is completely unnecessary to be exposing kids to hard core occult historical entities which are detailed in the various books associated with the game. Role playing does not need to involve the occult. Better and much safer alternatives are Gamma World, Boot Hill and Top Secret, just to name a few excellent alternative role-playing games.

Demonic infestation usually happens via invitation. Knowing that D&D involves the occult (and it does when you look at the various magical items, detailed spells, and historically-accurate entities documented in the rule books), and the exposing kids to such an invitation is morally corrupt. Kids are extremely vulnerable this way.


One other thing I found out over the years, via my connections to high-level Satanists who later converted to Christianity... the metal miniatures that are often used in D&D to depict characters and help with battle planning are often crafted by Satanic organizations. You have to ask yourself why they would be so interested in providing such a service to children.

D&D leads many people to be open in their later years to trying real magick spells, when life finally presents that opportunity. Again, this in an invitation to the diabolic. This is intentional. Luciferian/Satanism is Gnostic in origin, which means it turns moral norms on their head and relies on deceit, lies and manipulation as a means to an end.

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