What Happens If Your Pooch Eats Your Stash?



Every article I read about dogs and weed talk about "poisoning," but even this article only mentions two deaths, and those were baked goods so I'm suspicious of the other ingredients. Even the study you link is vague - in one part, they say it's THC butter, and in another part, they say "baked goods". Was there chocolate? Citrus? Who knows?

So honest question: Does anybody know if a dog can die from cannabis poisoning? Just cannabis, nothing else? Or is the vet visit a complete waste and pet owners should just ride it out and clean up after the dog as usual when they eat random shit they find?


Shouldn't be getting your dogs high, anyway, so if the pot is recreational the question maybe the question should be what you love more: getting stoned or your dog?


Marijuana is toxic to dogs and cats, there is no debate or confusion about this. Like all other toxic materials, the effects are reliant on biology and body size/composition.

If you get your animals high you are a piece of shit, if you leave toxic materials out where your animals can get them, you are a dumb piece of shit.

@1: Please never get a pet if you struggle so hard with whether or not it is ok for pets to eat toxic materials as long as they don't die from it.