The Hasids exert a lot of pressure on NYC as well as non-hasidic orthodox jews. For example, B&H photo, run by Hasids, has strict rules about which gender employees can occupy which roles - women cannot be roving salespeople, for example. None of the employees are allowed physical contact with someone of the opposite gender.

They also have their own bus, run by New York City Transit, between Brooklyn's two primarily Jewish neighborhoods. Women are required to sit in the back. Non Hasids can ride (it is, after all, a public city bus) but there is active social pressure to adhere to the rules.

They also got bike lanes removed because the community was concerned that women with not enough clothes (shorts) were riding through their neighborhood corrupting their children.


Oh, please. This article is nothing more than Katie Herzog trying to funnel attention away from the issues that truly affect women, namely manspreading and catcalling.

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