Features May 22, 2019 at 4:00 am

All of these beaches and parks belong to you—use them!

A view of Bellevue from a secret beach on Lake Washington. Jessica Stein



"Wherever a public street dead-ends at water in Seattle, the space between that dead end and the water is public property. Your property!"

Unbelievable. In the however many odd years since this was first published you still haven't corrected this misinformation regarding street ends. Not all street end beaches are public, which is why the non-public ones are posted "Shore View" and the public ones are "Public Shore" or "Shore Access". It's also quite easy to check the Seattle Parks Department website or the King County Parcel Viewer to see which beaches are public and which are not.

While it sucks that some homeowners have encroached on public street ends and beaches it's also shitty that you're misleading people and encouraging them to trespass on private property.

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