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Nudity is strictly prohibited in state parks. Andrew Sambrook wants to change that.

Lester Black



If he wants to fight for nudity, he needs to wax that back hair.


@2: Good point-although I was expecting you to say that the couple with the uncontrolled dogs were naked as well-or just to make the observation that the combination of nudity and leashes would have made the scene much kinkier than anybody else would have expected.


@1, my first thought exactly.


@1,4 Not no but hell no.

I like men. Not women, not children, but men. Body hair is part of that deal.


Off leash dogs in parks is way more bothersome than seeing some nudity.


Sorry, but hard no from me. His whole "I got naked and nothing happened" is bullshit. Most people avoid conflict and seeing some random guy strip down in public raises is going to make people wary. Is the guy mentally ill or on drugs? If confronted will he become aggressive or violent? Just approaching the guy uncertain what the fuck he's up to is going to crank someones nerves up to 11. For just about everyone the simplest and safest thing to do is ignore it and keep going, letting it be someone else's problem.


To nitpick, the Idaho law only says it's illegal to be naked around anyone who is offended or annoyed by nudity. There's lots of wild hot springs in Idaho and I think the general interpretation is that if you walk past the clothing optional sign you're sort of agreeing you're not offended or annoyed.


@8...Related question: is it legal in Idaho to walk up to random strangers and say "excuse me, but are you offended or annoyed by nudity? I need to know as soon as possible".

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