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A perspective on bars with perspective in downtown Seattle.

The Nest is 13 stories high. Sarah Flotard



I am confused by the description of a 360 degree unimpeded view, but second the recommendation of mBar.


What?!! No drunk selfies?
Pic's or it never happened.


The thing about the Mountaineering Bar is that when you went, it had a great 360 degree view, other than where the UW Tower blocked it. But soon there will be 3 taller buildings (one is already taller, to the NNE, another 2 also to the N and NNE) that are North of NE 45th, and 3 taller buildings to the S, just SSW of where the UW Tower is. You'll still have great views of Mount Hood, Mount Rainier, and the mountains and Sound though. Naturally, all these new buildings to the North will have cool rooftop bars.

It's a great view, though.

Welcome to my vision of Seattle.


How far did your $125 go? Even with a cheap dinner at McDonalds, it would seem like you had to dip into personal funds. Thankyou for doing that for us!

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