Does Seattle Need a Night Mayor?

Actually, we kind of already have one. Meet Scott Plusquellec.



As much as i like the idea of some failed actor lurking around bars calling himself Night Mayor, i really think the position needs to go to a POC. Otherwise its vice culture mis appropriation.


He’s been involved in the politics around the city and has done quite a lot to help businesses ran by POC and the board he’d head of is very diverse. He’s done a great job in a position within the city that’s very difficult to get anything done.


You must've missed the article's content in your rush to be first!
Scott Plusquellec is as qualified -- right now-- to be the actual mayor as anyone.
I'd replace our current mayor with him in a heartbeat.
Also, he's a dreamboat. You're just jealous.


3 ok night mayor's mom. Dreamboat. ok....

btw jennie durkan has lowered the bar for "qualified to be mayor" that literally anyone can do it. It's not a bragging point.



Then, let me say, having known Scott since his Annex Theatre days in the early-to-mid '90's that he's more than qualified to be mayor - night or day.


5 Cool guy to get loaded with?
Doesnt slap you on the back or do that douchey thing with putting the coaster on his beer to "protect it". I hate that.


Yes, he's easy on the eyes and very talented (not all people who quit acting "failed), but note the amazing work going on. The naloxone anti-overdose trainings are saving lives, and reducing harm.


Did Scott turn you down for a date, orElse?
How is saying he's a "dreamboat" maternal? --did your mom once compliment you like that, but no one else ever has? I'd feel sorry for you, but you're mean.


@1. So the can do what exactly?


8 you don't know me but somehow you know my type of average. Psychic much?

I don't know "Scott" either but i'm guessing you do. You realize you are defending your son in an online comments section, and a rather abhorrent one at that? I don't think you will wear those shoes indoors anymore, now that you know where you are.


Obviously our Night Mayor needs to be a First Nations person that the Day Mayor reports to.