These Are the Freaks That Come Out at Night

Seattle's other party animals: raccoons, opossums, and coyotes.



My third grade teacher would give you a "100%" drawn into a smiley face (with a single curl for bangs) for this cute little report. But seriously Dude... put the pipe down.


This is Charles at his best.


There are no 24-hours restaurants in Seattle, not that anyone might walk home from. This is because Seattle is so far from being a Great city that it is not even fully a city at all yet. It has a long way to go.

The true cities of the world have a bit of local flavor in their wild mammals-- the skunks of South Boston, chipmunks in Birmingham, rhesus monkeys in Delhi. But there is only one mammal found in every city in the world, one true cosmopolitan, and it is a mark of the Great city to recognize the primacy of this creature. Charles does not mention it at all, because he is a most provincial resident of a most provincial city, and has not yet begun to regard the rat as a wild animal.


My vote is for Rattus norvegicus, the Norwegian rat. We've got plenty of them in Seattle (try just after twilight in Pioneer Square).
After all, we have to honor our Nordic heritage!


@3 Fun fact: no city in the province of Alberta (effectively) has rats. While they have a geographic advantage, we should all be so diligent.



They've got heaps of mice, though-- t's not some magical land free of Muridae.

And I have to say, freaking out the way they do when there's not even a breeding population sounds to me like the response of a people who have very high regard for the rat indeed.

I'd take a cheap shot at Edmonton and Calgary as "great cities," too, but eh, they're each bigger than Seattle at least, and even other Canadian cities make fun of them already.


There are no 24-hours restaurants in Seattle, not that anyone might walk home from.

What about...

Lost lake
5 Point
North Star Diner
13 Coins

All are walking distance to a lot of people



I know you think you're making a strong case there, but ouch, man. And that's all of them, too, isn't it?


Denny's. You forgot Denny's...


Kill all raccoons.


This post was reposted without noting the original date, a glaring no-no in finer journalism circles.


I remember some time ago, the late 70's I think, that a couple of policemen in Portland got into some trouble for dropping 4 dead opossums in a parking lot of a black owned restaurant.



SLOG has been doing a lot more of this lately; sometimes half the "stories" on a page are either reposts or advertorials.

Apparently The Stranger has a pretty low opinion of its readers.


"'l'heure entre chien et loup -- meaning, the hour when the shepherd cannot tell the difference between the dog (his friend) and the wolf (his enemy)... "

Sounds like Rubes who think Republicans give a shite about them.
What's French for that? Or are they more Evolved...

Q. Do raccoons taste good?