The Stranger's Endorsements for the August 6, 2019, Primary Election



@107 & @108: “There's no reason to simply assume that Sawant will be eliminated in the primary.”

Which is why I made no such assumption. I was merely responding to your repeated assumption that she won’t be. Watching you flail around, desperately trying to justify that assumption, was really entertaining:

“...if there was polling to suggest that,”

Two years ago, polling was clear: Mike McGinn was front-runner for Mayor. (The same poll showed Ed Murray would have been the leader, had he been in the race.) In the actual primary election, McGinn finished behind four female candidates, three of whom had never held elective office. So, polling data in a local, many-candidate race may not be a useful predictor of election results.

“...would be trumpeting it.”

Why would we want to alert her? Why should anyone do her that favor?

“And it wasn't a tax on jobs, it was a tax on Bezos.”

Your Two Minutes are over. Seriously, do you just not know what the EHT would have done? Are you not able to read it for yourself? Can you do anything other than just keep on regurgitating the propaganda you’ve swallowed?

Perhaps not:

“Orion has no popularity in Sawant's district...”

I’m sorry, which poll said that?

“...the large contingent of Seattleites...”

I’m sorry, which poll said that?

“...the only workers who had an issue with the Amazon tax were the building trades.”

I’m sorry, which poll said that?

“Bowers has no real popularity....”

I’m sorry, which poll said that?

Finally, are you a teenager — in the ‘90s?

“...Bowers' supporters were too baked to mail in their ballots.”

“...a Log Cabin Republican,”


@109: Of course drugs should be legal. I’ve voted for legalization my entire adult life.

Even if drugs are legal, they’re not free, and the very nature of addiction means the hardcore addict will feed his addiction before he feeds himself. Or clothes himself. Or does anything else needed to hold down a job. So, he steals.

What would you do with an addict who is functional enough to steal, who denies his addiction, and therefore refuses treatment? Do we just keep throwing him in jail for property crimes, ignoring the obvious reason he steals? Do we mandate the treatment he refuses? Or do we allow him to live without sanitation, shooting up in a tent, after stealing enough bicycles from children to pay for his drugs?

Because that last is the policy Sawant et. al. were actually pushing (pun intended) with the EHT. Yet you still seem confused as to why it got so swiftly repealed.


And in the first results, all THREE incumbents, including the allegedly hated Sawant, are leading after the first batch of returns. So much for the certainty of a the Trumpist takeover tensor has been salivating about.


At this point, it's Sawant with 33%-her vote share always increases as each day's batch of votes come in-Orion, the Chamber of Commerce/corporate power candidate, is at 24% DeWolf is in a weak third-place position with 14%-there's no way in hell his votes go to Orion as a block in November-Murakami is at 13%, at most 16% combined for the libertarian pot guy and whatever the name of the other candidate in the race.


Yes, Sawant's vote is down, as usually happens when in ai...mostly she lost to DeWolf, who clearly won't be in the general election ballot and whose supporters are not going to go as a bloc to Orion. Murakami voters might, but that still only gets him to about 36%. The votes of the libertarian pot guy are more of a wildcard.


@112: If “the incumbents may survive the primary!!” Is your good news, I’d love to see what your bad news looks like.

That said, I would expect early votes to be most anti-incumbent and anti-tax, so it’s good news for both tonight’s leaders and the tax issues (Library for Seattle, Parks for King County) to be leading on election night.

“So much for the certainty of a the Trumpist takeover tensor has been salivating about.”

Dude, just call me a Nazi. You know you’re aching to do it, and It would be deeply embarrassing for you if GermanSausage beat you to it.

@113: “...DeWolf is in a weak third-place position with 14%-there's no way in hell his votes go to Orion as a block in November-”

Because whiskey monkey banana telephone I SAID SO THAT’S WHY no backsies!!!1!

@114: “...mostly she lost to DeWolf,”

You might get a fight from @113 about that. See his quote, above.


115: I hadn't yet thought of you as a Nazi, but clearly your obsession with sweeping homeless encampments-an approach which never produces humane outcomes-does mark you as somewhere on the authoritarian right. Punitive approaches to social issues never result in anything progressive or compassionate happening. I said Sawant lost most vote share from last time to De Wolf. The votes going to Orion are almost all votes that went to Sawant's corporate-centrist opponent-there is no way any significant number of votes would swing from a socialist candidate last time to the most conservative candidate in the race-Orion-this time. There's no argument Orion could possibly make to DeWolf supporters to add them to his total-DeWolf supporters aren't THAT obsessed with defeating Kshama.


Here's how it looks for the fall, if you work in the votes for the District 3 candidates who are out of the running: The only defeated candidate's votes which are likely to go to Orion(who starts with 24% on his own) are the 14% which have gone to Murakami, which would take him to 38%. On the other side, the 13% which went to DeWolf will likely go to Sawant in the fall-they voted DeWolf on political style grounds, not substantive disagreement on the issues-getting her to 45%-46% right there. The 7.5% which went to Nguyen voted for a progressive agenda, dominated by criminal justice reform. No way in hell does Orion, whom we can simply assume is the "law and order" candidate, being the Chamber of Commerce-GOP candidate, win any significant number of Nguyen's votes. That means that, even if Orion sweeps Murakami and the pot shop owner's votes, he's at maybe 45%. And it means you were being amazingly silly to think the District 3 contest was ever going to be between Orion and the pot guy.