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The only two citywide Seattle City Council seats are held by expecting mothers.

Lorena González, left, was elected in 2015. Teresa Mosqueda was elected in 2017. Lester Black



And let me just remind Teresa Mosqueda: If she hadn't had such a laughable opponent as Jon Grant, she would be representing no one.


They give you the important stories, huh, Lester?


So, two pregnant women. This is news in Seattle?


Two very accomplished women who I would advise not to bring their new children downtown due to the lawlessness that their policies have created.
You can be an awesome person but still get caught up in ideology instead of problem solving.


50 Ways to Boot the Council!



Two women with pussies also are capable of reproducing. I suppose since the far left thinks someone with a cock and two balls (who has trouble getting them waxed in Canada) is also a women I suppose you do need to identify this as somehow different than just being women.


So, we women are taking ourselves out of the workplace because of the failure of public policies to create affordable and accessible childcare.

Would love to see more specifics here. I have relatives with commercial property - major tenant a daycare. The cost, expense and hassle with dimwitted state inspectors makes for some horrifying stories. I have no illusions about why there is a shortage: it is an expensive. regulatory-laden business to get into with very narrow margins. How is daycare "affordable" if you are going to pay daycare workers a living wage? How is daycare "accessible" when it is clearly not an attractive option for anyone with capital to start a business?

Finally - why doesn't The Stranger do a series of articles detailing the day to day, step by step process of getting a day care off the ground? Every form that needs to be completed - play by play. Every inspection written about in minute detail. The trials and tribulations of trying to pay your staff...and yourself, a "living wage".

How about it?


a) I'd follow Lorena Gonzalez to the depth of hell and back. you can watch Lorena shoot Alex Tsimerman down here: https://youtu.be/16vbjhOD4mc and here: https://youtu.be/Fjfu9zVyPIk for starters.

Better served as Council President and Top Gun. In an air war, I'd want Lorena in my squadron. I want more Lorenas on federated boards, not pansies at best who accept Alex Tsimerman's hate speech.


b) Teresa Mosqueda is one smart lady, but I wouldn't want her running for Mayor. Too left wing. Guaranteed to give Jenny "Duress" Durkan with Top Fan Tim Eyman a second term. Prefer Jessyn Farrell.


"Mosqueda is a vocal champion of opening childcare facilities in every city building, starting with a facility in City Hall, which she thinks can be open in 2020."

Tell us Teresa, why is it our responsibility to pay for your child care? Why can't you pay for it with your six figure salary, the second highest city council pay in the NATION, just like the rest of us do if we decide to have children? Oh that's right, it's Other People's Money.


@12: They're trailblazers, don'cha know. Their taking the benefit while having a great income so soon after establishing it will send a powerful message to expectant City employees everywhere.


And if Ami Nguyen wins, there would be three new moms on the Council.

I’ve had two kids and I celebrate working moms. But I hope these electeds are listening to their ob/gyn and friends because having the baby is NOT the end. It’s not just sleepless nights but your own body continuing a journey. I wish them well but it’s going to be hard.


Hey Stranger - Can you start making people put in their actual names for the comments. The trolls are getting a bit ridiculous.


Agreed. Real names would raise the tenor of the comments.


@15 @ 16 you are so right "not_macgyver" and "Sarajane46rh" @11 you are even trying to hide how dense you are, respect!


Lol. So stunning and brave! And completely reliant on their husbands for financial support! So brave and stunning! And independent.... (Pffft). And brave! And also stunning!...... And brave!


@18: They're each pulling down $150K in salary and benefits, so they're veritable Mary Tyler Moore's right now.

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