With Pelosi on One Side and "the Squad" on the Other, Jayapal Keeps Her Focus on the Long Game

How Pramila Jayapal wields power in Congress.



how can you talk about Rep. Jayapal and only use the word 'impeachment' once. A quick scan of her twitter shows it's a focal point of her public persona.


Maria and Patty cry themselves to sleep every night knowing that they'll never have the save gravitas, respect, and popularity as their colleague from the lower chamber.


@1 seems to think that Twitter is life, when it's just one facet of it.

Real people like Pramila don't have public personas.

They just are real people.


Thank you, Rep. Japayal, for being a fierce advocate for decent, patriotic people here and across the nation in the face of the sick, kleptocratic, bullying, and cruel Tr666p/Republican regime.


Politics is the art of the possible-
and we have a damn good congressperson in Jayapal!
@2 for the win!


She is an excellent representative who represents most of my values and I'm glad I voted for her. I hope she wins again and again.



I bet you're no prize pig yourself. She's doing a great job, and you're some anonymous piece of shit internet troll


My problem with Jayapal comes from her incredible undemocratic comments regarding WA's voter-demanded top-two primary system which allows high quality, competitive general elections instead of god-awful low-turnout primary elections to determine which party-favored candidate wins.

WA voters demanded the right to vote for the better Democrat or the better Republican among anyone that wants to run, not between some weak tea bullshit party shill vs. token opposition party or Goodspaceguy.

Jayapal wants to win a primary that 25% or less of voters bother with and then sail through a general election with no competition, so... fuck Jayapal, she's never got my vote.

// From: http://nymag.com/intelligencer/2018/09/cory-booker-president-2020-election.html //

A few months ago in a meeting with congresswomen Pramila Jayapal from Washington and Karen Bass from California, they talk about the Democrats’ chances to take back the House. “You guys are going to get, like, seven seats,” Booker says to Bass.

“I wish,” she says, explaining that there are too many Democrats running. (At the time, it looked as if the Democratic candidates could split the vote and be shut out of the California primary, although in the end this didn’t happen.)

“I didn’t even think about that,” Booker says, looking astonished. Jayapal points out that they have a similar issue in Washington. “We gave them polling, op research, told them ‘You can’t win,’ ” says Bass. “There’s this one young woman whose grandfather is a bazillionaire; she don’t have a chance. And she’s already put a million dollars into the race.”

“What?” Booker says loudly.

“The top-two system is a terrible thing,” says Jayapal.

“Its awful,” says Bass. “All it is is a windfall for political consultants.”

“My seat cost $7 million last year,” says Jayapal.

“What?!” says Booker, even louder.

“And I was running against a Democrat. And there was never a kiss-and-make-up moment because we go all the way to the general election.”