Her Majesty of the Seattle Food Scene

Forget about Tom Douglas. Renee Erickson is the restaurateur you need to know.



Renee Erickson is a Seattle treasure! Thank you for your continued recognition of the many gifts she has shared with this city. Always look forward to dining at any of her restaurants...


thank you so much renee! love your work and spaces you create. that maple custard sausage dish at boat street still has a special place in my brain. respects!


Not only is she a great chef and businesswoman, she's one of the most genuinely nice people you'd hope to meet in kitchen. Guileless. If I was in food service, I'd kill to work for her.


It's "restaurateur." Don't dumb down the language - it's happening fast enough as it is. Yes, yes, language is dynamic and evolving. But dynamism doesn't have to be a slide down mediocrity out of ignorance.


I wouldn't be mad to have a kitchen that looked like that.