I Was a White Girl with Dreadlocks

A confession.



Not surprised.


I'd accuse you of "cultural appropriation" with that photo but it wouldn't enough to describe the scale of the problem.


Oh my fucking god. There's nothing black about a hair style. A bunch of Rastafarians adopting something at a time other hairstyles were in vogue for whites doesn't mean that one race owns it. This is fucking stupid. And in no way were your white dreads "cultural appropriation."

Here's my 4 point cultural appropriation test:

Cultural appropriation happens when:

An cultural practice is stripped of important context...
To make it more commercially acceptable to other people...
Yet is represented by the appropriator as authentic...
In a way that displaces or invalidates the real meaning of the practice so members of that culture are misunderstood

Let's break down Katie in dreads!

and NO!!!

I'm seriously going to vote for Trump if the "cultural left" doesn't start adopting some fucking ideologically coherent positions!


so, Katie Herzog went trans before Rachel Dolezal.


How many column-inches is The Stranger going to devote to judging people for their hairstyles, and arguing about whether or not we should be judging people for their hairstyles?

Are the clicks really worth the permanent damage to your souls?


So did Mike Pences wife have some good Christians hold you down and call you an n-work while they cut off your dreadlocks or did you decide on your own to cut them?


Cool story sis...


Just about every culture has "discovered" and worn dreadlocks. No one is appropriating anything by wearing them, and this rigidly American idea that once a black person does a thing no one of another race is ever allowed to do it again is dumb and weird.


This rings very true for someone who grew up in the 90s...thanks for sharing and fuck the haters


I don't remember hearing this about North Face jackets...


We will say nothing of the mullet that I had for about six months in the very late 1980s. The horror. Thank FSM that there are no photos of said mullet (this was before cell phones and digital cameras). At least now I can look back at the most repulsive hairstyle I ever had and be thankful that it did not require wood glue.


Katie, did you know how hot you were back then?


Ani DiFranco.

Now there's a name I haven't heard in a long time... a long time...

Ani DiFranco must be dead by now, yes? Of an aneurysm? Chick was the angriest motherfucker I've ever had the displeasure of hearing. Unbelievable anger. Directed at...? Not sure. Just raw unfocused rage.

A person can't live long with that kind of pent up hostility.


All the Mohawk Punkers I know use standard white Elmer's school glue to get their coifs elevated, with excellent results.


Was this really necessary


@14: Comet cleanser was good too. Dries out the hair which helped it absorb the glue. And jello to get cool colors!


@12: Telling a lesbian how hot you think she was as an underage teen.
Double creep points for you today Sporty!


@17 I'm with you double S Lisa, Katie looks like a slightly confused child minding her own business. Grosses me out that full adult 12 looks at that and gets hard


@18: Thank you! And I like that "double S Lisa" :)
Now we wait for Sporty (and possibly other gentlemen of Slog) to descend, nickers all atwist, to grace us with 500 words on how telling a lesbian that they think she was hot as a 15 year old is most def NOT creepy. :)


this is a high price to pay for something that means nothing


@20: Thank you. Will Theodore or LukeJosef listen to you? Probably not, but that's on them.


I'm with @17 and @18; that's way creepy, Sporty.


To be fair, you were a white girl that ATTEMPTED dreadlocks.


@19 she's not 15 now, and there's nothing wrong with thinking someone is hot. It's not like I asked her to sleep with me. Speaking of panties in a knot, you sure are out there in your schoolmarmest bed, Deb!


@24: Literally from the third sentence of her post "My only defense is that I was 15 years old"
You: "Katie, did you know how hot you were back then?"
Sorry doll, survey says? Creepy.
But I will say that you have spared us a 500 word rebuttal, and for that we should be grateful.


sorry it’s always gross when an adult calls a teenager hot


How many of us AREN'T experimental with our hair at age 15? My oldest sister bleached her hair platinum-to-snowy-white at age 15--not to make a fashion statement but as a form of rebellion against our parents, for moving our family to another town. Thank you for sharing, Katie.

@12 & @24: Um, Sporty........no. Bad call. You just sent the creep-o-meter in this comment thread flying off the spindle.


@3 - thank you for this.

I found this post to be charming, goofy, and just the right thing to offset the incredible merde-storm going on in North America right now. This is better than CATS (or photos of babies snuggling with large dogs).


Creepism by declaration. Just 3 words. here's another 3: racism by declaration.



Pfffttt... You're embarrassed by a mullet? My (most) unfortunate moment occurred in college when all of my punk/metal friends were all dyeing their hair jet black and looking pretty cool in so doing. I'm blond as fuck (approaching though perhaps not quite all the way to Andy Warhol) and took a stab at adopting the jet black look. Two applications of the darkest dye from the local drug store had it no better than an awkward and unappealing shade of grey, which is bad enough, but was made exponentially worse as my roots grew out, revealing what would appear to be a large bald spot before I finally had the decent sense to shave it. So, so stupid looking.


You were beautiful, your hair was fly and Ani was a style icon. Stop apologizing for being awesome.


Mike Blob @30, Pictures or it didn't happen.


Cultural appropriation is also known as made up fucking outrage by people who don't want to find a real job


When that U-Village panhandler stands there begging for people to give him money and he is doing it while sporting one giant dreadlock made from all his hair, is he culturally appropriating or is it okay because he is a bum?


I'm still pissed at the Japanese for culturally appropriating sushi from SE Asia in the 2nd century AD.