What You Can Learn From Snorting Two Lines of LSD

Some ways of doing psychedelics are safer than others.



“Psychedelics are powerful drugs that demand respect”

Also deserving of respect: the 95+% of trailer park residents who don’t do meth. But I guess some people can’t resist punching down.


Better yet, don't do cocaine at all. Cocaine feels really great, sometimes omnipotent, but when you come down you feel terrible; I speak from experience.


Psylocibin gets no mention?


I rescind my ignorant comment. They got a mention.


The best way to do psychedelics is to not do them at all.


The first time I did LSD was in a project apartment (the urban equivalent of a trailer park) with other poor kids, most of whom would never go to a university but nonetheless were interested in challenging their usual way of thinking.

Oh, and none of them would be dumb enough to mistake fluff for cocaine.


“Just like meth wallows in misery and trailer parks”

For a more compassionate take on those who may be doing non-Stranger-approved drugs while housed in places not permanently anchored to the ground, I recommend this piece by checks byline 🤨



So, asterisks show up in Preview, but not in the actual comment? Noted.


Shamans have been using psychotropic drugs to access other realities for thousands of years and to train their initiates to do the same. The drugs themselves are merely tools, as Yaqui shaman Don Juan Matus explained to Carlos Castaneda. When he learned this, Castaneda asked Don Juan why he gave him the drugs, to which he replied "Because you were too dumb to learn any other way".

Physics tell us other realities, or dimensions, exist but it was the shamans who showed us that consciousness can be mechanically tuned to other realities through the use of any number of psychedelic drugs provided by nature. Since the drugs were just tools, the real goal was for the shamans to be able to travel to these realms without using drugs.

In the coming era of relaxed drug restrictions, I'd like to find out if shamans and physicists are both describing the same places, alternative dimensions that are just as real as ours.


"Teri Krebs, a neuroscientist at the University of Norway, has said psychedelics in their pure form are as risky as riding a bike or playing soccer."

What a lie.
If you are on the edge of schizophrenia anyway, the push that psychedelics can give you can push you right off, into completely lost madness. I know of two people who's lives fell apart, were imprisoned in the mental health system, and never regained any semblance of normalcy - all from one hit of acid.

For most stable people these drugs can be amazing. In a proper setting with the appropriate person taking them. But they ain't for everyone.


At one time I believed psychedelics were OK for everyone, but now I know of some terrible things that have happened due to the nature of the substances and the people who are unprepared, or stupid, or both. Your guy up there in Seattle did a great final series on the podcast DoseNation about the dark side of psychedelics. Worth a listen for the bizarre trip accounts and user anthropology.


Most Americans are way too dumb, if only willfully so, to benefit from psychedelics. If you're a naturally curious and observant person, then sure, give it a shot. Chances are, it'll be a remarkable and rewarding experience for you. Basically, that oppressive little ego pilot in your noggin gets immobilized for a while, allowing the rest of you to experience the full, sweeping significance of being a tentacle attached irrevocably to the Cosmic Everything. But if you're everyone else, best stick with huffing paint.


Psychedelics were not prohibited in 1970. It happened a few years earlier.