Features Nov 6, 2019 at 4:00 am

Interbay's new Champagne Diner straddles the line between familiar and luxurious.

For dessert, there’s an Ovaltine pie with fluffy malted whipped cream. Nathan Watkins



"...was unexpectedly ousted from its location after 30 years of business due to rising rent costs and losing its lease."

Say what? 30 years? I guess the op doesn't read The Stranger. Because if that person had. They'd find out Ludi's has been there since only 2012. As a Stranger article says. Since when does Lease Expiration equal "was unexpectedly ousted". They, (Ludi's) knew there time was going to end. They knew their lease wasn't going to be renewed. So how can the op say it was Unexpected?
Then again, this is "The Stranger". Which is no stranger to publishing something contrary to known fact.

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