Features Nov 6, 2019 at 4:00 am

Saboteur makes the best croissant I've ever had.



Awesome illustration!

And 'Sabotuer' -- an interesting name for a business less than a mile from the Navy's repair yard...

Do they have basement?


They really do make the best croissants ever, I daresay better than any I had in France. Plus the owner and employees are great people. Do not miss out on their almond croissants, twice-baked croissants, or coconut puffs. It's dangerous living down the street from Saboteur.


just two days ago i considered taking the ferry over to snatch up their awesome croissants. dag, they good.



That illustration and your delectable language deserve commendation for awakening my belly and wanderlust.


Come to Bremerton, Everyone! Give us your gays, progressive values, tax dollars and help us push out the racists, red caps and ammosexuals!

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