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After eating a vegetarian burrito given to me by a Hare Krishna on the Ave, I ventured out to Sammamish for a Love Feast.

Hare Krishnas are vegetarian and religiously opposed to space exploration. Julia Wald



Oh man - sounds like the only thing that burrito is missing is a little chorizo!!!


I look forward to your next piece on how delicious that Scientology food is at their recruiting meetings.


I applaud you for getting out of your comfort zone in this way. A good lesson there.


I was in an accident in 2010 that left me disabled and having to learn how to walk again without insurance. I spent a few weeks rehabilitating myself until I got state medical. Finally made it from my bed to the gate outside. Then my bed to just past my gate, then down the sidewalk. Same time everyday. At the same time a man walked past on his way to a Hare Krishna temple. He got use to seeing me practice walking. Finally, he stopped and we chatted. My daily routine then became his, helping me go a little further and further; until I finally could walk a few blocks to the Hare Krishna temple.... Each day I practiced walking to the temple for amazing lunch. The man who walked with me was patient and friendly (they all were.) Hare Krishna wasn't for me but they were there when I needed them most.
.... I'm disabled for life and this happened in California after living in Seattle. I'm back in Seattle and am really disappointed in how unfriendly Seattle people and businesses are to disabled people. Still love Seattle but weary of people and where I spend my hard earned money.



The woman I ran away from Austin TX with left me in Tucson to join the Hare Krishnas we met at UA.


I didn't know the Hare Krishnas still existed! Haven't seen them for many years. In the late 80s-early 90s I used to go to their weekly free vegetarian feasts in the SF Bay area - consistently delicious food, wonderful music and no pressure to worship, join or even give money (there was a freewill offering jar, but it was never waved in front of us or passed around). Believe it or not, just good vibes all around. No idea what the situation is now.

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