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Bezos shows his balls, Seahawks win Super Bowl, and 18 other events that defined the decade.

Photo credits below; collage art by Jessica Stein



It's just a damn Shame about the death of print media -- the sole business endorsed by our Constitution, for We the peeps' edification; now we have Sinclair, FOX, rush, the Oxymoron and gawd only knows what other horrors far-right wing all-hate radio offers. But useful information re what the fuck's happening here, or anywhere is sorely lacking in 'our' wholly-corporate-owned mass media's insatiable quest for Profits.

An often poorly un- mis- and/or mal-informed Electorate, to whom critical thinking skills are a foreign language, is easily conned into sacrificing what they want, instead glad-handing it all over to the Big Wigs, and bitching loudly about how poor people are always trying to get one over on everybody else.

Also, the guy on The Stranger's cover, just above -- after he
married his goat, was he (legally) able to eat her?
Assuming it was a she. Asking, for a friend.

Happy ITMFA and
Happy 2020!

May the Planet (+ US!) Survive Another Decade!


Oh and, Fuck yeah,
CONGRATS on the Gay Marriage!
'Bout fawking time.


Mudede saying a meth head is not to blame for murdering people, running away from the scene and lying to police because of car culture should be near the top of the dumbest things that happened in this decade list.


@1 - To balance you have the left wing depravity: Occupy Democrats, Daily Kos, Huffington Post. Thomas Jefferson would have been proud. Doesn't matter whether it's ink and paper or HTTP we have a flourish media demonstrated by the fact that it makes minds full of mush mad that their viewpoints aren't being heralded.

Thank God we don't have just the big three networks and city newspapers telling us how to think.


'Left wing depravity'?
Spare me.

see: Democracy Now! and Thom Hartmann
'Alternative Radio' 'On the Media' etc
for 'left-wing' NON-corporate FACTS-BASED
News (& Opinion!).

You will NOT be getting it from wholly-corporate-owned mass media.


Oh, and the other #1: Seattle became rabidly unaffordable for all but the rich (and old people who have owned homes since forever). I lived there in my 20s, and yes worked at the river-themed company (would've been fired for our department - customer service - trying to organize had I not quit), earning 10 bucks an hour. Had a house with friends, and a spacious second story room overlooking Lake Washington (in that netherworld that is neither Capitol Hill nor Central District) for something like 400 bucks a month. (Drool over that millennials - no I'm kidding, you know and I know your life sucks when you're envying some old earning 10 bucks an hour simply because they could afford to move out of the basement. And really I didn't have a decent job till like five minutes ago, so... But at 10 bucks an hour you could on occasion afford a Nico at Vivace and you millennials get dissed for once in a while going to Starbucks as if the money saved would buy a house in anywhere but say Bangladesh.) Yeah yeah gay too so good for the marriage and all but people need to live somewhere also.


I don't expect fact checking from The Stranger, but Bertha the tunnel-machine's namesake, Bertha Knight Landes, was the first female mayor of Seattle, not governor of Washington. That was Dixy Lee Ray, proud native of Tacoma, and single woman, who was elected in 1977.


@6 Maybe you should have developed some skills instead of being stuck in perpetual adolescence, blaming others for your failures?

Just a thought.

I only moved here in the past decade, bought a home and have settled in nicely. Household income has since doubled, new cars every few years, overseas vacations.

Seattle has a ton more good restaurants than a decade ago, more flights out of Seatac to more destinations. South Lake Union is being transformed from a shithole to a destination, viaduct is gone and waterfront is opening up. All without an income tax.


@8: South Lake Union is a tragedy.

Seattle voters had the chance in the 80's to vote for The Commons which would have made a huge park surrounded by condos and apartments - and Amazon would have been forced to the suburbs.

Microsoft had the courtesy not to disrupt our city core.


Ash from St. Helens did not blanket the city because the plume went eastbound. Wyoming got more ash than Seattle.


let’s not forget the barefoot bandit :)


Nobody loves the guy who flew a plane, did a loop the loop, and crashed on a nearby island, incinerating himself.



@11's reference to the Barefoot Bandit refers to a then-15 or 16 y.o. kid from the San Juan Islands, Coulton Somebody, whose MO was to 'borrow' planes that he barely knew how to fly (and gave new definition to 'sticking the landing,' although Beoing has since far surpassed his meager efforts; besides, he always survived). He (somehow, eventually) made it to the Carribbean, where he was finally captured and brought back home to pay for his Misdeeds.

If there isn't, there's probably gonna be a Movie
'Cause who doesn't love them an Adventuresome (barefoot!) Kid?


Coulton Harris-Moore's come

"‘Barefoot Bandit’ asks judge to shorten his supervised release Colton Harris-Moore says travel restrictions are holding back a lucrative public-speaking career. By Noah Haglund

SEATTLE — Colton Harris-Moore is playing catch-up on life.

Nearly a decade ago, the law caught up with the teenager from Camano Island after a prolific crime spree that ended in the Bahamas after five plane thefts and escapes on foot, sometimes without shoes. His exploits earned him notoriety as “the Barefoot Bandit” — and 6½ years in prison.

At 28, Harris-Moore says he’s turned his life around. He’s whittled down much of his $1.3 million in restitution payments. He says there’s just one thing holding him back: his remaining five months of supervised release. He wrote earlier this month to U.S. District Court Judge Richard A. Jones, asking to shorten his sentence.

“I have learned from my past; I do not run from it, but instead try to embrace it for the better,” Harris-Moore said. “I hope to serve as a model for people who have hard lives and whom feel hopeless. I saw it every day when I was confined, and I have seen it in the world upon release.”

Harris-Moore’s missive is accompanied by several letters of support. They include warm words from family friends, conservative Seattle radio host Jason Rantz Antebi of the 'Jason Rantz Show' [pretty sure it's 'Cramps'] and a man who says he owned the airplane that the Barefoot Bandit crashed in the Bahamas."

An Excellent read. And yet another (Awesome!) testimonial to prison as Rehabilitation.
Way to GO, Coulton!





Nice list. Why is it that only a few of the editorial staff is endorsed with "moved to Seattle in 2003"? Did the others move with the rest of the brogrammers from Aplashya or Onalaska?


Re: story #14: the Hokoanas were prosecuted, despite their victim's refusal to testify. Elizabeth Hokoana was charged with first-degree felony assault, and Marc Hokoana was charged with misdemeanor assault. There was a mistrial due to a deadlocked jury.



@7 NickS : I'm a helluva lot prouder of Christine Gregoire as female Governor of Washington and what she has done for our state than Dixy Lee Ray. Ray saw nothing wrong with slapping down nuclear power plants in everyone's backyards (i.e proposed sites; Backus Hill just off I-5, in Burlington, WA, and on Kiket Island, Skagit County, near Deception Pass) and having a mass of supertankers pollute Puget Sound. The last I heard of Dixy when she didn't get re-elected a second term in 1980 was that she returned to Fox Island to raise pigs.


ITMFA in 2020!!! Pig roast coast to coast!


I'm still celebrating Super Bowl XLVIII. Welcome back, Marshawn Lynch and GO, SEAHAWKS!!!

@19 Further clarification: Fortunately, the outrageously proposed nuke sites did NOT get built in the '70s, thanks to overwhelming public outcry. It would truly have become a catastrophic regional environmental disaster if either location actually had (think of the Fukushima Daiichi accident on March 11, 2011 happening here, and at this day and age). Deception Pass and surrounding waterways would have become an irreparable ecological nightmare, and cooling towers east of the I-5 / SR20 interchange would have been an eyesore.


Glad I scrolled to the end. That was depressing as fuck until the final four.


"Brownstone reported the story for several months in The Stranger's newsroom, but was hired as an editor at KUOW while she was working on it. KUOW published Brownstone's reporting in July 2018."

So no mention of Meinert's exceptionally cozy relationship with The Stranger? No mention that it had long been an open secret he was a rapist.

This is revisionist HORSESHIT. Sydney was FIRED by Dan Savage for attempting to report on one of the Stranger's BIGGEST advertisers.

And no mention that other Stranger staffers were assaulted by Mienert over the years and you lying shitbags got rid of them as well.

Fuck you, Frizzelle.

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