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Cross-country skiing while high is almost as fun as downhill skiing—and there's a much smaller chance of breaking your neck.

Can you spot the 10 differences between these two images? Zak Kloes



Another tip: rub some of your favorite sunscreen into the back of your hand so that, when you use it to wipe your runny nose, the scent provides a brief memory of a nice, warm day at the beach.


Wrong. With the inherent authority of a native Coloradoan, I must insist that - much like ice-skating - cross country skiing is only for the poor bastards stuck in shitty flat states like Minnesota and Nebraska.


I like to turn off gravity when the snow gets wet, makes it easier.


I'll give this a college try, Katie and artist Zak Kloes:

V of migrating birds is missing in panel #2.
Sasquatch is peering in the distance.
Large star graphic in pink / purplish cloud is bigger in panel #2.
No stripes on skis in panel #2.
A midsize tree in the background is missing.
Yellow lightning strike is added to line on ski pants.
No cannabis icon on chest of ski jacket in panel #2.
The bubbles in the bong are facing the opposite direction in panel #2.
No earring / ear is different in panel # 2, and
Right hand on ski pole is lower.

I don't ski or snowboard, but did I catch them all?


Nice shoutout to the Methow Valley! I'm the director of marketing for Twisp, and I can confirm we have plenty of skiing - and pot shops. Email TwispWashington@gmail.com if you wanna come visit!


@5 TwispWashington: Here's hoping that the snow season now greatly reduces a fire season as nasty as the previous years in the East Cascades. Happy Ski Season!


I feel it necessary to mention that Katie’s suggestion to have 10-50(!) mgs of THC is for hardcore potheads only. If you are not a daily user, 10 will be MORE than enough. Jeez you guys, not everybody spends every hour baked to the gills.

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