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I look for any reason to eat in this neighborhood—or even just stare at food through windows.

Walking around the ID when you're stoned is like a game. Anthony Keo



While I’m always happy to see good press for the yummy ID, did you not have any gluten-eating writers to use? This is like sending a person with no arms to a pull-up competition.

Also, let’s all acknowledge the hardest part of consistently eating in the ID, which nobody ever seems to say out loud: not only must you be completely omnivorous, you also must be fat, or willing to become fat. As much as I love the food here, I only let myself go down there once or twice a month lest I ruin myself on the shoals of deliciousness.

One other thing you’ll have to let go of: your desire for ethically sourced food. If the provenance of your meat is something you care about, or you normally go all-organic everything, you’ll need a willingness to walk on the wilder side.

Having said all that...damn, there’s good food here.


I'd say other than the omission of Jade Garden this list is pretty damn good.


More recs for GF in the ID:
Go Poke's classic poke flavors (and they can walk you through the toppings)
Tai Tung can make most of their non-fried dishes with tamari (GF)
Hot pot at Little Sheep or Golden Noodle Bowl with the classic broths (bring your own tamari, just in case)
Most sushi at Fuji Sushi
Pho at Pho Bac


If you "can't eat 99% of the" food at a restaurant, you have no business being a restaurant reviewer. Go critique music, art, or something you can actually consume. I'm sure I wasn't the only reader who found this piece, much like the friend you try to go out to eat with but who won't shut up about their food intolerances, increasing annoying. I was really looking forward to this article, but wound up feeling like you wasted my time.

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