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Seattle is a beautiful and healthy city. It's also a ticking time bomb.

Rachelle Abellar



I've had dreams about going out in the Big One. It doesn't shake me, so to speak. I'm going to die sometime, and this isn't the worst way to go.


I live in the hope that my beloved VW and I will go together peacefully and with as little pain as possible.


@2: ......so maybe it's actually a good thing that I never had children and remained an auntie......


I figure once the earthquake comes, it will be an ~ideal~ time to buy property here... bargain basement prices! Especially with cash. And we'll have at least a 300 year window before the next 9.0 quake hits, so guaranteed profits within your lifetime and your kids' kids' lifetimes too. Assuming climate/ecological crisis doesn't take them out.

I plan to buy at least 6-9 square blocks, and rip up all the street surface between them, form a community-housing project with integrated collective P-Patch, barn, workshop, sauna, bicycle-parking, and playgrounds right in the middle, and cars (if any are left) will park on the outside of our fierce-but-lovable commune-ity.


This was pretty good, but to be honest, even in a tall tower, I don't think I've ever seen the other volcano to the East of Seattle.

Remember, to survive you need water.


@5 - Here, play around with this map for awhile.


It's worth noting that it's been a while since we had a serial killer. They seemed to peak in the 1970's-1980's and have dropped off subsequently, perhaps never to arise again as the same kind of phenomenon due to increased awareness and security technology. It is harder to get away with being a serial killer today than it was.


@7 - Leaded gasoline. I blame leaded gasoline. Which I suppose means we should be looking for the next serial killer in the neighborhoods surrounding airports, since many airplanes still use leaded fuel.


I was hoping the giant dildo shaped like a nuclear missile would be my undoing. La Petite Mort.

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