Welcome to Seattle—You're Surrounded by Violent Volcanoes

A few things you should know about Mount Rainier, Glacier Peak, and Mount Baker.



uh, we have five volcanoes...


"For volcanoes located within 200 km of large
earthquakes of magnitude 7.5 or greater, the eruption occurrence probability increases by approximately
50% for 5 years after the earthquake origin time"


i sorta thought that the Kent Valley might revert to farmland and the Lahar might reach the Seattle Port... i guess it just depends if one feels that is "dangerous".


“...our Republican neighbors on the other side of the state, in the event of any eruptions, get to enjoy the toxic waste. This seems like a fair compromise given Seattle's tax dollars heavily subsidize the eastern side of the state.”

You do realize that several counties in eastern Washington, like Yakima, are majority Latino now, and cities like Yakima are way more diverse than Seattle? But, hey, screw ‘em.

Try to get out Seattle once in awhile.


Myself at 6: “out of Seattle”. When is the Slog commenting feature going to get beyond 2005?


Your Republican neighbors to the east are more than 40% Democrats. Pasco is 62% non-white, Yakima 55%, Wenatchee 37%, Kennewick 34%... So fuck you, insular brosnoots.



@4, If you google them, you can find USGAS Lahar maps for the area. They show the lowland areas where a Lahar would flow.

Most of the Lahar from Mt. Rainier would end up sloshing through Tacoma into the Puget Sound. Some of it might make its way to the Kent Valley but not much. Depends on the snow pack at the time of an eruption.

Most of the Lahar from Glacier Peak would mostly flood through the Skagit County tulip fields into the Puget Sound.

Kind of cool maps if you like to nerd out about stuff like that.


Welcome to Seattle --- you are surrounded.by violent homeless junkies is more like it.


When the local media - be it the TV Channels, the local papers, the neighborhood internet hand-wringers, or even Our Dear Slog, get all worked up about Impending Doom, I just think of this..... https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=kBWxqcvH7Dk


The snowboarding you speak of at Mt Baker is actually on Mt Shuksan since that's where Mt Baker Ski Area is located. There is no snowboarding on Mt Baker unless you're mounting a pretty serious backcountry expedition.