The Ballard Company That's Reversing Climate Change

Nori's founder was a climate skeptic until a moment of enlightenment on magic mushrooms. Now his company uses cryptocurrency to get farmers to suck carbon out of the air.



There's peeps here on Schlog hawking "magic potions" for various ailments and shit; do they work, you ask? Doubtful, but who knows ...

But for seeing what's really Out there, it is AMAZING what hallucinogens can do. Should their intake be required for passage in Adulthood? Just asking, for a Planet.

"I'd never felt more connection to nature at any point in my life, and it completely changed how I related to the world. I came away from that with a love for the natural world and an understanding that we are a part of everything else on earth."

Good on this guy for being open to Seeing,
and then, Living it. We could use a lot more of that....


A viable carbon capture and sequestration scheme has been the holy grail for academia, government and industry for the past three decades, but I'm sure the magic mushroom guys have it figured out and it's definitely not a borderline scam like 99% of all cryptocurrency businesses.