Features Feb 26, 2020 at 4:00 am

Could new pot shops be part of the answer?

Pot farm owner Joy Hollingsworth is “100 percent” behind the proposed law. courtesy of Hollingsworth Cannabis company



Thru Pot?!

Why Not?
It's Free Money* anyway.

*money we're Not spending on Busting peeps for pot
money we're Not spending on trying, convicting, Jailing, etc.
all these wunnerful New Taxes didn't even Exist ten years ago.



Lester, what ever happened to you, man? You used to do a great job telling the gripping, important stories in 502. They must have gotten to you.

The social equity bullshit needs to end and a huge spotlight focused on what's really the issue in WA: the corruption being hidden by the WSLCB. What ever happened to the 30 licensees who were suppose to be closed down last spring for violating major rules 3 times in 3 years? What ever happened to all the support with pesticide testing? Why hasn't an environmental impact study been done on all the WASTE from packaging that isn't necessary?

Perhaps if the WSLCB did their jobs and had everyone following the same rules, there would be lots of closed licenses with plenty of opportunity for new licenseholders. They won't though, because this social equity is more important than rule of law.

Just look what happened in Massachusetts. The Black Caucus blew a FIT, and more licenses were opened, only to go to black people with outside investments. Mass USED black people to get more licenses for friends. Now they're getting fined for fraud.

Audit the WSLCB. Fix the issues at the CORE, do your god damn job. If the Stranger isn't letting you get the truth out, maybe your moral compass needs readjusting.

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