Features Mar 11, 2020 at 4:00 am

Construction begins on Seattle's newest freeway lid.

Construction on the Montlake Lid over Highway 520, between Portage Bay and Lake Washington, can be seen in the middle distance. A future 520 lid connecting Roanoke and North Capitol Hill will be built over the open space you can see at the bottom of this photo. Lester Black



Very interesting, I feel like that money might be better allocated elsewhere like, I dunno, helping the homeless but I suppose it could go to worse places. Is it possible that I-5 might undergo similar renovations in the future?


Seems someone's Switched the labeling of the 520 east- and west-bound lanes on The Map. I hope they figure it out before they get Almost finished.

Bigger Boondoggles Have happened.
see: floating bridges/galloping gertie WA


@2 -- Nope they didn't


A frequent finder to queries about the chaos of Seattle’s layout is-“Oh, we’ve got these mountains, and all this water, the graphs makes a logical grid impossible!”

Bullshit. Vancouver has much closer and taller mountains and alone water, and they have a fucking grid. Their streets make logical sense, no meandering cowpaths.



if only I-5 had been routed down the spur (I-405) thus going around Seattle, and I-90 would have aligned with the West Seattle Freeway so the the I-90 terminus would have been the West Seattle Freeway terminus


didn't see that coming- Lester's maybe final Stranger column a valentine to the more gracious, beautiful Seattle of days of yore.
Perhaps a heart does beat in there somewhere.


"beautiful Seattle of days of yore"

Like when Gasworks Park was an actual gas works?

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