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Dale Chihuly Files a Lawsuit That Raises Big Questions... About Dale Chihuly


I don't care if Chihuly isn't actually doing the blowing...he's a terrific artist in so many ways. I do admire his work - there aren't words to describe the impact those wonderful pieces have on everyone who sees them. It's unbelievable and indescribable. I revel in looking at the book I bought and would like to see the TV shows about Venice again. If his art is not done by him, so what?! Who else has such pieces on display all over the world?
what is the historical or cultural significance on Westminster Violet Macchia with Golden Lip Wrap and why or how was it created?
I just attended a showing of Chihuly Unveiled at the Flint Institue of Arts The show was outstanding, the 90 minute show on how Dale operates was think that this genius has overcome personal tragidy and obstacles and maintained his loyalty to his fellow artists is amazing. The teamwork outstanding. You could feel the energy coming in all directions..without his concepts and enthusiasiam there would be no Chihuly glass works..God gave him the spirit to maintain and create the beauty of his knowledge.
You go Dale!
Darleene MacBay from Beaverton, Michigan

This article describes how Chihuly shuts down glass artists who try an make a go of it on their own. Fuck him. There would still be glass art without him, just not as much. The man smashes glass pieces to make one a one-of-a-kind. The man doesn't even sign his own work. The man can't blow glass. The man doesn't blow glass. The man is filthy rich. Others do the work. Fuck him.
Resentment and envy at work in this article. Even IF he is cheap and difficult as a person these features do not make him less of an artist... let's not be so sour and admire what he creates (of course with a huge crew of other artists...)
My thoughts of art vs commerce and the importance of whether Chihuly lays his hands on his works it this concept is irrelevant. He thinks in a monumental scale and this is not easy to do. So Mr Chihuly has gotten filth rich producing his art? Doean't matter, the world of glass as art is a better place with his works.