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Two Gyms in South Park Have Similar Missions: Keep Latino Kids Out of Trouble. So Why Are They Battling Each Other?


I've known Albert Sr, Albert Jr, Joe,and Tobin Barrientes(RIP) For years I haven't talked to any of them for along time but I'm glad that they are doin well and I'm always thinking of them.

Kandi Williams
I'm Nico's youngest daughter, and I'm proud to say that the gym has made a huge impact on many lives. I remember when this article was first released and the video.
I remember all the good times, training, watching, and waking up early mornings to go weigh-in for the fights that day. As well as the special trips and bbq's.
I'm disappointed to say that the gym isnt going on anymore.
Both trainers have moved on because of troubled sitautions. Except my uncle Albert is now in a new gym with some of the other family in Vegas.
Too bad that we never recieved the grant, I'm positive that we wouldve made a huge difference.
I will and i am determined to open the gym later on. And i will NOT stop till I make a change in these streets.
- Diana M. Ramirez

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