Escape from Real Bitch Island

Nineteen and gay, too effeminate to hide, and persecuted by haters in his small town, Chris Crocker turned to the web to vent. Now he's a huge YouTube celebrity. Is the internet Chris Crocker's ticket out?


this was, for sure, one amazing article.
i never really new much about chris, but you really got down to the bare details.

you're really a great writer, too.
Hmmm. I thought he was just a slightly deranged, showy fag. I find a new respect in reading this portrayal. Thanks.
Wow--so this is how you turn a nobody into a somebody. You pretend he's somebody, basically.
Chris Crocker is a big whore
I taught high school in the late 90's in a high school in the Deep South. One of my students was a wonderful, funny, intelligent, popular kid. One day an older teacher and I were talking. She saw the kid. "I hope he gets out alive." She said. She looked at my obviously clueless face (I lived in redneck central physically, but spent most of my time on USENET and almost all my friends lived in large, urban places.) and said "I've had other kids, mostly boys, kill themselves before they got out of high school, out of here, and figured out it's okay to be who they are."

I went to another school the next year, so I don't know how that kid turned out.

I hope he made it out.

I hope Chris makes it out as well.

And I really, really wish the deep fat fried, intolerant assholes of the Deep South wouldn't make the lives of young gay kids so miserable that they can't see the way out.
Wow, this article is so nakedly pro-'fake vindictive shallow hypocritical twits' that it makes me want to barf a rainbow. Chris Crocker is horrible human being and he deserves to be harrassed and humiliated like a dog. And by the way, what makes you think all those video viewers Chris is receiving are fans. Having read the comments by those same viewers, more than half of them are smart enough to see through Chris' bullshit. They are not fans just because they viewed his hateful vindictive videos.
Yall Should check out this guy he is better.…
Why should I check out that user Ilovemimil? Just because Alex is black?OMG, please spare me the racial bullcrap, okay?Chris Crocker, or whatever he wants to call himself, is a very brave soul. And,if after reading this article I feel even closer to him, and I feel his pain? Even though I am not gay, or even bi. CHRIS CROCKER, who has the same birthdate as my own daughters,makes me feel he has gone through SO much, so I am happy he is being heard too. Love him or hate him, in the end? Chris and his crew are the ONLY ones laughing all of the way to the bank, lol. Personally? The author of this article and Chris should colaborate and make a book ALL about Chri's un-usual life, starting since he was 4 years old. By the way, Chris Crocker and Danny Noriega make the cutest couple, and I wish them ALL the best in their up-coming marriage! If Chris or even danny were MY son? I would be SO proud of him. Both of these boys can act and sing, and who knows just how far they are going to go in the entertainment industry. Also, at least Danny and Chris are not ashamed of who they are, unlike the 95 and up % of Hollywood, who due to their attitude of gays in our country, have to hide behind a *beard* or the equivelent of one, just to survive in our intolorant world.*cough* Tom Cruise, lol. At least Clay Aiken FINALLY told the truth. But, when it is all said and done, why does it seem that america is the only country so involved with who it's artists are sleeping with? By the way? I FINALLY heard Chris's Itunes hit, 'Mind in The Gutter' and I LOVED it! I can SO see it being played in a dance club too. The sultry tones of Chris's voice are captivating and his pitch is perfect! It would be interesting to blend BOTH Danny and Chris's sound and see what they could colobrate one as well. I have been humming Mind In the Gutter over and over because it is THAT GOOD and THAT catchy of a tune too!
Love him or hate him, no one can deny the over-all STAR pulling power of BOTH of these boys. Don't believe me? BOTH of them have been googled and youtubed ALL over the world. They also have faithful followers all over the world too. They give a rainbow ray of light to others in this world filled with homo-fear and darkness.
As a gay guy who suffered through redneck oppresion myself, I can somewhat understand this dude. I figure that the exaggerated flamage is simply a coping mechanism for being so ostracized.

Dude needs to be careful not to burn so brightly though. If you burn too bright, you'll burn out and turn into something dark and most non-triumphant.

Anybody remember the "asexual" fad?
It's not his sexuality. It's his grandiosity. It's not his flamboyance. It's his startling self-absorbtion. What bothers me about this kid is not his personality so much as his personality disorder. A narcissistic personality disorder. That is what makes this Crocker chap so despicable. And the dissapointment of this article is that empathizes and attempts to understand a person who is emotionally capable of neither.

Perhaps he's not self-absorbed to the pathological extent. Perhaps he's just another vain gay teen. Time will tell soon enough.


It's not his flamboyance. It's his grandiosity that is so unsettling. His haughtiness and self-absorption. What bothers me about this kid is not his personality; it's his personality disorder. A narcissistic personality disorder. That is what makes this Crocker chap so despicable. And the dissapointment of this article is that empathizes and attempts to understand a person who is emotionally capable of neither. If he's so eager to get out of his situation why hasn't he like countless other gay youths? Because he's getting exactly what a Narcissist wants. Attention.

"The somatic narcissist uses other people's bodies to masturbate..."
Dr. Sam Vaknin

Clearly, Crocker attests to using other people to masturbate, because he can't have sex with himself.

Etc, etc.…