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In a world that is dominated by religious zealots of one kind or another, you can bet plenty of people in Seattle are quite happy enough without the need for going to a church or mosque. Religion is generally a dogma born out of desperation and people turn to it in times of trouble, so be thankful if you dont think you need it.
Each of us has our own opinion about religion. Others may see it as a senseless activity but for some, it's the greatest source of their everyday strength to continue living. millionaire mind intensive
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I do not understand why these guys just waste their times doubting religions.Let him obey his religion who wants to and do not dishonor him who does not want to.Simple.And it's not our responsibility to decide whether religion is a Bronze Age myth or not.
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It is no surprise that a lot of people not only in Seattle has this weird thought about religion. It is a sad reality though but at times we also have to respect those who have embraced their faith until this age of technology. secrets of a millionaire mind

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