Collision Course

Cyclist Killed at the Dangerous University Bridge Intersection This Month Was Riding a Fixed-Gear Bike


It's not the bike, it's the rider.! Sad to hear, but if you ride crazy, on any bike, accidents will happen. ALWAYS wear a helmet !!
"equipped with what's called a "free wheel" on the back wheel—a kind of ratchet that allows the bike to coast when you're in motion, so that you don't build up as much speed going downhill."

You clearly know nothing about bikes.
"notoriously dangerous style of bicycle"


Instead of focusing on the type of bike this poor kid rode, how about looking at the general trend of CAR HITS CYCLIST, CYCLIST DIES!

The issue is the lack of respect and awareness that motorists have for cyclists. I will agree that there are reckless cyclists out there, but if the base level of driver percaution was raised, we'd be alot better off.

Do drivers really need to put the gas pedal to the floor, just to get to the next red light/stop sign? Cause I see it all day long...
Overtaking another vehicle on the right while riding into an intersection is extremely dangerous since you are in the motorist's blind spot. That is a well-known shortcoming of bike lanes. This video from MassBike discusses this "right hook" situation.…

Doing so on a fixed gear bike with poor brakes adds adversity to an already dangerous situation. A true fixie makes it virtually impossible to execute an instant turn since you cannot keep the inside pedal up. Also, a brakeless bike is tough on the average rider having to make an emergency stop.
I ride a fixed gear commuter in excess of 7500 miles a year and want to clear up what could be misperceptions of the fixed gear bike. There isn't anything crazy or foolish about riding a fixed gear unless you ride in traffic without mechanical brakes. I can turn left or right at any pedal position and at normal turning speeds for a bike. Some poorly designed bikes have been converted to fixie and cannot be turned safely with the pedal in the down position. I ride with 2 brakes because I want to stop when necessary but, by design, use them much less than I would on a freel-wheel bike. I'm passed by most free-wheeled bikes going downhill. Free-wheeled bikes can obtain breakneck speeds while coasting. Remember, on a fixed gear bike the riders legs must continue to turn while riding downhill and this actually limits the maximum speed obtained much like a governor on a motor. I ride a fixie as my commuter because of the control I have during rainy and snowy conditions and (believe it or not) because of the control I have on descent. I choose the speed of my descent without having to use my brakes. I have been hit twice by cars but it had nothing to do with my fixed gear bike. I think it's more because cars today are more like "speeding living rooms" where drivers are in perfect comfort, conversing, using their cellphone, cuddling their dogs, in short eating, drinking and being merry all at the cyclists and pedestrians expense. We must REDUCE and enforce the speed limits on our roads today! My sincere condolences to the family and friends of Bryce Lewis. He should still be here, today.
That was my brother that almost died in that accident and is still haunted by the death of his best friend. Unbelievable rant on how it was the bike and so little about what the true issue is and how it could be prevented. If it were this authors brother I'm sure she would be singing a different tune. I also don't care for the labels and judgement she placed on these young men who simply moved to a growing city to find themselves and start a new chapter in their lives. Bottom line is that we all need to slow down and lookout for these cyclists who are all around us. If we take the bikes out of this story, that truck driver killed a pedestrian. And I don't know that I have ever read a shitty news article about a pedestrian that died because of their shoe choice.