I Am So Funny

My brief and wondrous career at The Daily Show consisted of making jokes about the Amish and trying to get Jon Stewart to love me.


This is such a lie, I have Daily Show tapes with Lauren in episodes up until fall of 2002. She's making it sound like she got fired after 9/11.
What a winer. She couldn't cut it, not everybody can. I'm sure Jon, and most people in similar positions, is difficult to work with. But she shouldn't blame him. Sounds like she acts silly and is needy & time consuming.
I would have fired the bitch too. Just reading her writing gives me a headache & makes me wanna stick a fork in my eye.
@1 when you're done playing CSI, take a moment to notice that
A) She makes it sound like she got fired after 9/11 and fall 2002 IS after sept 2001
B) producers retains rights to use taped segments, so they could have her bits aired on the show for years after: or did you ignorantly think every interview in the field was made live, that very week?
C) this is a segment of a book, not the entire story

I thought this was a poignant look at a fangirl-gone-wild in comedy. For actors in corporate TV and actors in comedy, they get it. It's sad, but good to read in a "better-you-than-me,-sister" way.
I also especially liked hearing how fucking crazy the backstage folks at TDS are: the chanting of STEVE STEVE STEVE to "bring out" one of the Steve C's for example shows just how fucked-up the culture there might be.
Otherwise the boring part was that it was the classic story of a Seattle transplant to NYC, which all run about that same : "They don't get my jokes / I don't get their lack of casualness & sarcasm / I'm so offended they don't recycle"
OMG this was hilarious! Made me love Jon Stewart a little less, but it's not terribly surprising he's not as perfect as he plays on TV.
She seemed like a walking Tyler Perry-project, which is understandable given the situations. I'm sure she doing great now. Have to admit this segment made me love Jon Stewart a million times more.
I always remembered Lauren Weedman and thought she was the funniest woman they ever had on the show. And always I wondered why her stint was so short, but I suspected it had something to do with boys' club stuff, and that something about her style didn't fit into DS culture. This article confirms it and shows how even the female staff on the Daily Show staff are there to protect the status quo and Jon Stewart....The puppy licking stage/husband joke made me laugh.....I don't know why but I was shocked at the comments on this article---calling her a "bitch", wtf people. Anyway, Weedman was funny and it's too bad her stint didn't last longer.
She tweeted that her invitation was lost in the mail. No dear, it was never sent. I hope you are calmer now.