Straight Acting

GOP state Rep. Richard Curtis resigned last week in the wake of a sex scandal involving a male prostitute, ladies' lingerie, and an alleged extortion plot. Dan Savage heads to Spokane to recreate Curtis's big gay adventure.


I love this article - it's just amazing.
Hey Dan, I totally agree with you about the Davenport Tower...…

And while I also agree with your criticism of Spokane's sprawl, I'd like to hear you say something nice about this hometown for once.…

We are not all what you make us out to be. Think about lending some voice to the new Spokane.
"Heterosexuals" engaging in "gay" sex?

"Heterosexual" "Autogynephilia"?

Hmph. What's wrong with the term "bisexual"?

Oh yeah: Blanchard et al. don't believe in the existence of bisexuality. *sigh*