The Stranger's 2009 Sex Survey Results

Sexy Charts! Hot Graphs! Erect Polls! A Snapshot of Everybody's Dirty Secrets!


Seattle seems to be a very sexy city. I'm visiting in July for the first time. Can't wait.
The graphs and much are too small!
this makes my data geek go all squishy,
I thought there were more questions? And I don't remember a question about sex with the Obama admin. Perhaps I'm not eating enough deep fried food?

And... a greater percentage of people have had sex with an animal than have gone to a professional dominant? That sort of amazes me.
'Peg a straight boy while he's tied up in Nintendo NES controller cords.'

yes please! e-mail me; you bring the d-pads, I'll bring the knee pads.
Urgutha - Animals are cheaper.
Yeah, the graphs are too small!
what a fun and sexy time for you.
Graphs are WAY too small... interesting results... it would take entirely too much time to read each and every write-in answer!
I noticed that you included "incest roleplay" but not ageplay. In your next survey I'd like to see how many people are into any variation on the schoolgirl roleplay.
hey the graphs are... oh.
The size of the graphics depends on the size of your browser window. Every browser should have a "view as full screen" or equivilent option, and using that should clear up the small graphs.
makes me sad
It seems about half a dozen people want to have sex in space/zero gravity. Any one of you have half a billion dollars to make this a reality for all of us that want that?
Surprised that only 64% of people surveyed identified as straight. Also, glad to see that other people like kinky sex too. Growing up in a repressed religious environment made me feel really bad about experimenting with other women and wanting kinky sex. Apparently, it's not that big of a deal. I wonder if this survey matches the national average? If so, why are so many people so intolerant and uptight about sex? Or maybe I just need to make some new friends, haha.
Graphs are too small?? if you click on the graph it pops up!
How frigging small is your computer screen? Reading The Stranger on your Blackberry is just silly. I read The Stranger online in Rochester NY every week since I moved from Seattle in 2003. I love it. Thank you
Hey! There were more questions. I was excited to find out how many partners the average similarly aged Seattleite has had, so I can either (a) revel in my successful sluttiness or (b) try harder and THEN revel in my successful sluttiness.
Hey you dumbasses who think the graphs are too small... CLICK on the IMAGE. There ya go.
This survey turns me on. If I can accomplish any of the best of the sexiest acts done last year (or at least get in the ballpark), I'll die a happy girl.
And I still have not had oral sex with a maple bar! So sad.
Were their any differences across the country compared to Seattle?
hey, that's my sexy goal!
The person who wrote in "a baby" for the one thing they want to accomplish sexually before they die needs to be hunted down and arrested.
Hey repulsed and appalled, the question was "Before You Die, What's the One Thing You Want to Accomplish Sexually". Babies is a valid non-perverted answer.
Where's all the fun neighborhood stats like last year??? I want to see if Montlake is still the most sex-deprived place in the city.
Who designed the layouts for the graphs and charts? they're yummy!
If you don't feel single enough already, go ahead and read the 'what you did last year' list :P
it's all so boringly savage...akin to shouting fuck into the dark
wven when you click the graph, the words are much too small.
More people have cheated than fucked someone's butt?

More people have sex with animals than see pro doms?

What's the difference between being queer and being gay?

Actually, the most interesting part of this survey, in my mind is that no straight guys said they'd like to be having less sex than they are.
I am willing to be that there is more than one percent that would want to be banged by Tad
90% : too stupid to click on the graphs
This is disconcerting because even by Stranger standards I'm still f'd up.
The thought of the most (not all) the seattle population engaging in sexy time is a major turn off. Passive aggressive, infantile straight men with beards that smell like 3 day-old Dick's burgers engaged in sex with pasty angry chicks barking out orders as they tousle about over her DIY crafty accessory things (knitted purses featuring hand-stitched deer heads which haven't been selling well on Etsy, but are hit with the gals in Olympia) while her cats watch is the image that comes to mind when "Seattle" and "SEX" are used in the same sentence. However, there are some sexy folks there, but like thrift store finds, you have to dig to find them.
The list of Kinks seems pretty classical to me. A longtime Savage love reader, I kind of expected something more original... Well, better luck next time I guess. Fun reading anyway... thanx for that
The graphs aren't "too small" if you CLICK ON THEM!
I'm with you, Shaw. Seattle has got to be the unsexiest place on earth. I've dug wells in famine-struck villages in Burundi that had more attractive prospects than your average Seattle bar on a Saturday night. As soon as I get the money together, I'm going to get the fuck out of this town, because I honestly can't take it anymore. Hell, I'd rather live in Chicago than this burnt-out, pretentious and sexless hellhole we call a city.
"I like big graphs and I cannot lie."

- Dan Kaminsky
Grown up can do whatever they want. The into doing kids/babies is deplorable. I hope bad things happen to you monsters.
And there is no data on penis size. I cry a foul.
If you think graphs are still too small when you click on them, you can open them in a new window (by right clicking on it in windows or ctrl clicking on it in mac and choosing open link in a new window) and then the graphs are larger, and you can still zoom in more, presuming you don't have your browser open absurdly largely.

Why are there so many women who want to have a vaginal orgasm? Is there honestly still the perception that a vaginal orgasm is "more mature" than a clitoral one? Honestly folks, some people's bodies are set up so its a lot harder to have an orgasm without some sort of stimulation to the clitoris (which ya know, is the place with all the nerves, so it makes sense). Maybe if people were less afraid of using their hands, tongues, or vibrators during sex, there wouldn't be as much of an orgasm gap between straight men and straight women...(75% of men reach orgasm in partner sex on a regular basis, whereas only 29% of women do. And, its not that those 71% of women are incapable of orgasm, as 83% have orgasms when masturbating, and 83% when with a female partner).

I also feel kind of bad for people who have apparently never had an orgasm...
Well done, The Stranger. The categories/possible answers are a perfect blend of honesty and hilarity, and the write-ins.... well, "Had sex in my therapist's office with her son" says it all.

I'll be in Seattle Saturday afternoon. With any luck, I'll run into a few of you kinky straight lasses. But my mother is not a therapist....

Oh, and the graphs are WAY TOO BIG. YIKES, THOSE ARE BIG GRAPHS!!!!
What i would like to know is what dose this all mean? Buttplugs and stuff, Dildos,pissed off pissed on! Okay i get that but,what dose all this say about us? Are we normal? Is my buttplug too small?What direction are we as human beings going?
I guess the answer to that question, jonanyone09, is this: as society plows forward into newer and newer sexual territory, graphs will continue to get smaller and smaller.
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People from outside of Seattle need to know that Capital Hill is Seattle's Gay community and people who read the Stranger are hardly a cross section of the community.

I love that 12% are gay (male) and only 3% are lesbian.
The next survey should be about how many of these assholes were lying with their penthouse forum fantasies.
Ugh! The Stranger web editors put up all this data as *pictures* instead of text making it completely un-googlable. I needed to whip out what percentage of Seattlites would do Hillary the other day and couldn't find it. The zooming graphs are pretty and all, but I'd rather have something *usable*.

Here's a tip to the folks at, it pays to make your website accessible without pictures. Not only will blind people read your site, but so will Googlebot (which we all know leads to more hits, leads to more viewers, leads to more ad money, leads to you keeping your job as webmaster).
Jennifer England, the question is about sexual orientation not sex. Half of all gay people are women. Most of the gay girls that I know prefer the gender-neutral term 'gay' to 'lesbian' (which just means a gay woman).