Meet Your New Mayor

Richard Conlin, the city council president, is now the most powerful politician in Seattle. What's he going to do about it?


Too bad there are many many ways to delay obstruct and kill the tunnel.

Don't pick a knife fight when you don't have the votes.
Aha! I'm spending my political capital on banning plastic bags!
Well, if half of this blowjob is accurate, I'm glad I voted for him over that other ninny.
@2 - actually, that would work quite well.
I couldn't have said it better myself, Dominic! But then I'm biased. Thank you.
the Duwamish is already a Superfund site! It's about time someone elect is going to put it on their to-do list!
How will the Duwamish be cleansed of the toxins? Drive a sheet steel wall through the middle, block and drain one side, then backhoe the foul sludge or leave some water and dredge? Repeat this process for the other side? What about all those drain pipes dumping street runoff into the Duwamish? Will a new sewer main be lain? How about the golf course along its banks? Will pesticides, herbicides and fertilizer continue to be allowed?
Your reference to the "third transfer station" toward the end of the article is inaccurate. Richard Conlin strongly supported the Georgetown proposal before the neighbors and others convinced him it was a bad idea (e.g., the rail line wouldn't work). It appeared to me that he worked closely with SPU director Chuck Clarke. Your statement that "Conlin refused" is way off base.

Worse, the "Zero Waste Plan" he sponsored instead of the Georgetown transfer station was never subjected to environmental review. Worst, neither that plan, nor any other facility planning or proposal by SPU in the past ten years, has been done with a required solid waste facilities plan in place. Look at the Zero Waste Plan and look for how it relates to facilities planning; you will find nothing.

And then there's the two major facilities the City does own. Same story. Conlin was chair of the utilties committee, and has been hostile to all efforts to get the City to do a proper process. "Prince of Process" indeed.

Please do some research and report a more complete story.