Meet This Year's Strangercrombie Charities

The Stranger's One-of-a-Kind Gift Catalog Benefits Three Awesome Local Organizations This Holiday Season


You know what? You guys are awesome. For all of the ink spilled on stories like the Mayoral race or the fate of Washington Mutual, it's THESE people and organizations who have the biggest impact on the day-to-day lives of Seattle people. They are worth celebrating and honoring, and dammit, worth writing about. Huge kudos to you all for bringing these largely invisible organizations to our attention. Excelsior!
I'm glad you enjoyed your shower!Thank you. Ronni Gilboa, Program Manager, Urban Rest Stop
Looking forward to bidding. Happy Thanksgiving.
Long live the Country Doctor!
I've enver participated in Strangercrombie but will this year. Great job on picking your beneficiaries.
I work on the Hill - and there is no way to help Country Doctor too much. Half the people I know have gone there or are going there for services.

VERy important community based project. Three Cheers for that choice - yes , send money!!!