Fiction: If She Did It

Charles Mudede Fleshes Out the Prosecutor’s Time Line into a Speculative Narrative


This is as bad as the European media. Why did the Stranger print this?
Is this what you jack off to at night, Charles?
You know the irony is, if Muded was ever suspected for murder in a "sex crime" prosecutors could just look at his writings and his fondness for young girls, and they could probably convict him on character evidence alone.

Just sayin'. Mudede definitely sounds attracted to much younger girls, and I seriously doubt any women are attracted to him.
@3) in my defense. i do not like "young girls". i really don't.

also, by your standard, if a sex crime involving a horse were to happen, my writings and films would also make me guilty.

I never said you WOULD be guilty. But ya, if I was a prosecutor, I could easily make a case against you as a sex crazed maniac with a lust for young girls and animals. I'm not saying that is the case, but one could easily make it.

That's why character evidence is irrelevant btw. Most people can be made to look like perverted sex freaks even if you dug into their past enough.

The only question should be, did she do it or didn't she?

Would it be "fair" if you were on trial and people brought in all your irrelevant stories and sexual escapades?

I'm saying this as someone who used to like your writing. Your story about Pioneer square was moving.

But your writing about this case just makes you look at you as some faux wannabe intellectual with a lust for young girls. Sorry, that's how you come off.
i can't believe that this man is a professor.
this is the first time i've thought you were truly irresponsible and cruel, charles. i'm dissappointed and hate that i'm starting to agree with @2's ilk.

unless you meant to show the absurdity of the prosecution using irony. in which case it's not helping the 206 or our imprisoned daughter.
@1 I really want to know, too. This just seems so exploitative. And creepy, considering Mudede has come across as pretty much obsessed with this story, and this girl, since the news broke. Icky.
This is Mudede trying to be Capote. Pitiful attempt.

Can Savage please get this guy off the writing staff? Honestly, he is the most self-satisfied psuedo-intellectual every to plague the pages of the Stranger, or any newspaper whatsoever.

When he's not repeating himself (comparing the Enumclaw bestiality case w/ Knox on several posts), then he's name dropping (any "edgy" or "radical" French autor). Like the horse in Enumclaw, and deconstruction, Mudede is a one trick pony. (And rimshot!)

In summary: Mudede fluffs Derrida. He's a hack and a mediocre one at that. The evidence speaks for itself: "smell of the ancient stones and the lusty sounds of Italian," he writes.

Were this but irony. I rest my case.

PS: If Mudede were as radical as he pretends to be, why does he seem to have no relation with his home country, the poor, troubled and formerly-colonized Zimbabwe?
I don't think so. Nice try though. I'm baffled by this case, honestly. After reading pro-Amanda sites and anti-Amanda sites I am left with no idea whether she was involved in the murder itself or not. Evidence seems to show she helped cover up the murder at the very least. But you don't conspire to have someone you know raped and then stab them in the throat because you smoked some hash and they are an annoying and prudish roommate. Come on! Hash makes you mellow, and teasing a prudish roommate is even far removed from attacking and killing her in cold blood. There ARE women who get off on their significant others being violent rapists and/or killers (Karla Homolka comes to mind)...that's all I can think of (but it wouldn't explain Rudy's involvement, just Raffaele's). It's really perplexing. All the people who've come down firmly on one side or the other must be seriously projecting. This is a really weird case with good evidence against Amanda/Raffaele but no plausible motive.
Charles Mudede is Performance Art is Charles Mudede
Sweet fucking Christ, is the editorial board at The Stranger on a steady diet of cough syrup or what?
Ugh. I couldn't even finish reading this crap.
Maybe this is some sort of feeble attempt by the stranger to be balanced in that sort of smug hippie way that only they can pull off. Madison's article is much better and that is because it is not the cheap speculative drivel spewed above. Her article is heart-felt and readable unlike Mr. Mudede's cheap intellectual automaton writing displayed here.

This article does all parties (the involved and the spectators) no service.
charles yer a great writer...but this is a mess !!!
wow this is some of the worst junk i have ever read, I've lost a lot of respect for this "newspaper".........
It doesn't matter what I think about Amanda Kxox, this is still a pornographic piece of trash. Anyone that could write this must have some pretty perverted fantasies...none of this sounds realistic. The next time there is a rape/murder of a young woman in the neighborhood, I would suggest investigating this author.

You make a strong case. Mudede essentially dimwittingly shows us how dumb the prosecution's theory is.

I mean shit, didn't the prosecutor think the boyfriend was crazy because he read Japanese Manga comics or nothing? What if he saw THIS shit. Mudede's lucky he didn't get arrested in Perugia himself.
This is disgusting. As a journalist, you have a great deal of power over public opinion, as well as control over which facts and bias will leave an impression on the casual reader. And you've used that power to turn the shapeless typecast invented by Mignini into a realistic depiction of someone wild, depraved, crude, bitter and downright mean. Having known her well, nothing about your "dialogue" could be further from the gentle way she thinks, speaks and behaves. How, in good conscience, can you use your craft to solidify a bullshit assassination of character? It's ridiculous and irresponsible and the farthest thing from journalism that I've seen in a long time.
pretty entertaining charles. i enjoy your little experiments.
I'm surprised at the vitriol directed at Charles here; who let all the FOAs loose? Charles Mudede is a crime writer/reporter with a fair amount experience. He's covered the crime beat long enough to know how things like this could go down, and this is certainly a plausible scenario, especially if you cross-reference it with his footnotes (CM, is it documented that the nightclub owner was cutting AK's hours and contemplating hiring MK, or was that speculation?). He should also be commended for openly noting which parts are speculative on his part. Also remember that Charles actually went to Perugia and did some nosing around on his own; it seems like the vast majority of American journalists are simply passing on press releases and talking points from the Friends of Amanda Media Juggernaut.

This article is actually a nice counterbalance to "She Didn't Do It". The writer of that article is in as much a state of denial as her parents. She and others seem to think that Amanda is simply too 'normal', too 'girl next door', too much like them, basically too white to do something like this. News flash: 'nice' upper-middle class white kids with all the advantages can do crazy and evil shit; get over it.

It's interesting to note the latest news that Ms. Knox now is telling the press she feels she received a fair trial and was treated fairly by the Italian criminal justice system. It is clear what Team Amanda's new strategy is, since they have figured out that their public hissy fit and attempts to paint Italy as a third-world country may have won over the lazy US media, but didn't amount to a hill of fagoli in Perugia. Hillary Clinton and Senator Cantwell aren't going to be swooping in with a 'get out of jail free' card; this is going to be a long haul. Like any spoiled brat, when tantrums and bullying don't work, brown-nosing and 'poor me' plays for sympathy follow. Expect Randy Mandy to become Amanda the Model Prisoner and Friend of Italy, much like Martha Stewart did during her stint. The new game convince an appeals jury that hasn't even been selected yet that there is just no way someone as kind/sweet/cooperative a prisoner as AK could do Such A Terrible Thing. She may well discover Jah-Heeee-Zhus!

Then again, after a few months in the pokey (especially with Raffaele going into 9 months in solitary), AK and RS will go wild trying to throw each other under the bus.
and i haven't been following this missing white woman stuff much but as per your character i just don't see her as being such a Willfull Bitch, esp if there is marijuana involved. not necessarily more passive, but just somehow less bitchy. maybe its just the rhythm- if it flows this fast then the dialog should be more disheveled and disjointed, more layered and confused. or if the dialog stays this way then there is a whole other layer of thought that get skipped over in your short rapid sentences here.
Mr. Mudede:
In the field of journalism (and in life for that matter), there exists a system known as "ethics." Your article flagrantly disregards many of its basic precepts. Thank you for single-handedly turning this rag from "vacuous" to "offensive."
Consider my readership revoked.
Funny, Charles: "He is shooting in the dark and repeatedly missing the basket...."
In all reality, this depiction of what might have transpired on the way to Amanda Knox's participation in the murder of Meridith Kercher is far more sensible than to present the words of a friend and character witness who knows no more of the details than what was shared in court.

Most of the lesser-thans who have responded 'pro-Amanda' need to get it through their collective heads that American citizens living abroad do NOT have the rights which Americans on U.S. soil take for granted.

Of course the trial, as presented in Italy, would not have resulted in conviction in a U.S. court of law. Guess what: it doesn't have to!

Amanda Knox has been indignant from the very beginning, and she has mysteriously changed her story time after time after time.

The only people on this earth who have time and the attention span to make up that many conflicting lies/stories, are those trying to conceal the truth for some reason.

Indeed it wasn't air-tight evidence that condemned Amanda Knox to prison. Instead it was her own actions since the murder which sent her up the river for 26 years.

Now I'll agree - Amanda Knox is hot stuff - I'd do her in a heartbeat now. Unfortunately for her, "beauty" is anything but a "get out of jail free" card.

Amanda and her friends could have gotten away with this murder in many other countries, which have a more modern criminal justice system. Unfortunately she selected a country said to have one of the least-evolved criminal justice systems in Europe.

Amanda Knox opted to go and live in Italy, and her parents effectively allowed this, so they have some blame in their own evolution this way too. I know she is an adult, who supposedly made her own decisions, but her family could have inspired her to stay in a climate more safe for HER had they had enough sense to do so.

By now it barely matters whether Amanda Knox actually killed Meredith Kercher. She is being condemned for her actions surrounding the events which led to someone having done so.

People, you do not live in Italy, and Italian law is all that matters in this case!!! Get it through your heads.

This took a lot of balls. Is there evidence to back up that Meredith was on all fours, or that a hand was inserted into her vagina? or is that also fiction?

I hope you get caught up in some lengthy trial someday and they use all your shit reporting and filmmaking as evidence against you.

@27, from the prosecuter's (Mignini time line, presented in court on Nov 21:
"23:40 - Meredith is on her knees, threatened by Amanda with the knife while Rudy holds her with one hand and with the other hand carries out an assault on her vagina. There is first knife blow on her face, then straight away another. However these blows are not effective. The three become more violent. With the smaller knife, Sollecito strikes a blow: the blade penetrates 4 centimetres into the neck. There is a harrowing cry , which some witnesses will talk about. Amanda decides to silence her, still according to the video brought to court by the prosecutors, and strikes a blow to the throat with the kitchen knife: it will be the fatal wound. Meredith collapses on the floor."…

@22, there is this:
"When Jean correctly points out the error in the article about phone records (Guede doesn't have a phone),
Libby replies:
It is true, but not by direct communication between them. The phone records show that she wasn't at Raffaele's when she received Lumumba's text, as she claimed, but instead the tower "pings" show that she was in the same street where Rudy said he was, buying his kebab before the murder.

8:18 Lumumba's text to Amanda
8:35 Amanda's reply to Lumumba
8:40-5 Joanna Poppovich sees Amanda at Raffaele's flat
8:47 Amanda switches off phone for a quiet night

The towers by which phones connect cannot give precise locations as the calls can shift between close towers. Thus the problem in determining where Meredith's phone was when being used by the killer at 10:00 & 10:13.

Always worth checking facts whether you're a journalist or a commenter."Read more:…

@22, i got this from The Justice of Meredith Kercher site/people:
"Mignini's timeline is probably as close as anyone is going to get to the truth about what happened that night.

I believe Diya Lumumba's text message was the catalyst for the terrible events that happened that night. He had offered Meredith work at Le Chic and had demoted Knox to handing out flyers. Knox probably felt that she had lost her job to Meredith.

Knox and Sollecito turned off their mobile phones almost immediately after Knox had replied to him. I think they took the double DNA knife from Sollecito's kitchen with the intention of harming or humiliating Meredith."
Are all these Amanda supporters seriously getting this worked up about a work of fiction?
Here's a handy tip for all you questioning Charles's morals - fiction is not real. No seriously. That's why it's called fiction.
You might want to think on that one for a moment or two.
Or, you know, screech some more.
Charles Mudede does not like "young girls". He really doesn't.

He just reads Lolita at least three times a year for it's compelling narrative. Honest.
Charles Mudede does not like "young girls". He really doesn't.

He just reads Lolita at least three times a year for it's compelling narrative. Honest.
I save myself a lot of time and annoyance by checking bylines in the Stranger/Slog first before reading.

Mudede is the most delusionally self-important, flatulent, and non-sequitorial writer I've ever stumbled across in regular publication. It continues to amaze me that the Stranger continues to allow him to drag their paper down.

His masturbatory obsession with Amanda Knox and her "guilt", unproven by any rational standard, is simply and utterly creepy.

But I'm not here just to flame Mudede, easy as that may be, but to advise other readers of the Stranger to do what I do. Check the byline, if it says 'Charles Mudede', just skip to the next page. You'll enjoy the reading experience more and have a fresher, cleaner, better brain as a result.

Of course sometimes I forget, being a habitual reader, but the pompous, flaccid writing style usually clues me in after a couple of paragraphs and I break away without bothering to finish.

I'm sad for Charles, that this is how he chooses to inflict himself upon the world, but I'm sadder still for those of who have to experience it without advance warning. I hope someday the Stranger comes to its senses and gives him a nice delivery job, or promotes him to Vice President in Charge of Nothing Important That Involves Writing.

Until that day, 'Friends don't let friends read Mudede'.
@32 go read the Times, or the Weekly, or some other blog. You obviously don't know where he's coming from and think everything should simmer down to your own bland tastes. Charles is a spec of character and vision on an otherwise selfsame typical ho hum style of journalism.
And @24, what is unethical about this? What is unethical about literature, esp in the context of news? You softies are reading the wrong papers for your delicate sensibilities. Don't tell the rest of us we have to conform to your boring levels of offense.
I can't believe The Stranger is indulging this crap. I've regarded Charles with mere bemusement until now, but this is absolutely discusting. He need to get some counseling to try and figure out why the murder of this young girl gets him going so much. It is written like fan-fiction for murder, and reading Charles' description of the sexual parts in particular gives me that sinking, nauseated feeling in my stomach.
This is a fascinating read. To all of you haranguing Charles for indulging a bit, take a step back and a deep breath. This is creative, and it serves to shine a light to the stories people created in their own minds, and which they believed enough to convict her. It is all they had, in fact, this story, painted by the prosecution and their imaginations. At any rate it got me to think, and clearly riled up the lot of ya.
i'm not offended by the piece, but after i finished it i felt that it had shown her innocence more than her guilt.

@ 22 "this is certainly a plausible scenario"

i don't think there's anything here that shows why three people, without a motive or prior plan, would cross the boundaries that they do, unless they all happen to be sociopaths.

also, have we learned nothing from savage? (or just figured it out on our own). bandying about accusations of being what we like to fantasize about is ridiculous. people get off on things in their heads that they would never want to do (or have happen to them) in real life.
Holy cowballs, CM, you are scarily obsessed. You really are a total creep! Glad I don't know you!
i'm not offended by the piece, but after i finished it i felt that it had shown her innocence more than her guilt.

@ 22 "this is certainly a plausible scenario"

i don't think there's anything here that shows why three people, without a motive or prior plan, would cross the boundaries that they do, unless they all happen to be sociopaths.

also, have we learned nothing from savage? (or just figured it out on our own). bandying about accusations of being what we like to fantasize about is ridiculous. people get off on things in their heads that they would never want to do (or have happen to them) in real life.
Before I read this, I was still wavering between Amanda's guilt and innocence. I am now nearly certain that she is innocent. This scenario rang so false, so hollow, that it should have been used on the jury. If it has, there likely would have been an acquittal.
Before reading this story, I was still wavering on Amanda: I could not decide if she were guilty or innocent. Now, I believe she is innocent. This story rang so false, so follow, that it should have been read to the jury. If it had, there would likely be an acquittal.
Well this is complete garbage.
PUBLIC LYNCHING. most italians want to see her burn and the case details conform like critical mass. thats how it worked with poor non-whites early 20th century. the americans most prone to agreeing w/ italians tend to have a self-loathing reverse OJ complex.
This is an excellent ‘true life’ crime story. However one fact remains a mystery in real life; why were Guede’s fingerprints left at the crime scene? Bearing in mind Knox and RS, allegedly, cleaned up after the murder using bleach?

Surely this suggests that Guede returned after the first ‘clean up’, for some reason – perhaps he left some item that he wanted to collect and then left his prints again? Maybe he took the money after the murder from Meredith’s purse in the bedroom?

A further paragraph or two explaining this fingerprint mystery would make a superb story; also they had consumed a lot of alcohol too plus dope/skunk? Thus explaining their violent behaviour more.

Keep up the true life crime writing Charles! Ignore the ‘Angel Knox supporters – they are still in denial!

‘An angel at home, a devil at abroad’!?
I love how Charles (and the motley anti-Knox crew of Catholic sex-phobes and "kill whitey" decolonizers) has to contort the narrative to navigate the concrete evidence of technology. Back in the day, there wouldn't be cell phone and computer interaction data to serve as impediments to a smooth narrative.

Example: someone watched the film Amelie, in its entirety, on Knox's boyfriend's computer just before the killing. Prosecutors admit this. But I'm sorry, have you seen this film? There is simply no way a Seattle hippie chick would go murder her roommate over a job RIGHT AFTER WATCHING AMELIE WITH HER HOT ITALIAN BOYFRIEND! Charles sounds like a D.A.R.E. alarmist in conjecturing that pot would turn them from love-birds into killers. Do you think prosecutors would select this film in their narrative if they didn't have to run the obstacle-course of modern evidence? Of course not, they'd choose Psycho or something.

For anyone not blinded by anti-drug, anti-sex, or anti-colonial sentiments, Occam's razor suggests Guede did it.
While I disagree with some of the decisions the author made--I suspect that the confrontation over the stolen E200 probably played a bigger role in the ensuing sexual assault and murder, and Amanda Knox's personal disagreements with her room-mate played a smaller role--I thought it was an interesting read, an attempt to color in some of the details of the prosecution's account of the rape and murder.

Also, various people suggested that Amanda Knox couldn't have killed anyone because hash makes you mellow. Have these people ever done drugs in their life? Dealers put shit in their drugs all the goddamned time, and Guede seems like exactly the sort of sleaze to do it.

The "it was only pot!" argument represents a complete failure of critical thinking.
if she did it......

then here's why.
she's a entitled, bored, pretty , middle class american girl
who desperately wanted to be 'different' and 'interesting'.
to have edgy experiences to feed from like 'real' authors/artists
her idea of being a 'rebel' was vague, pretentious and often forced.
casual sex and smoking pot just weren't cutting it any more.
a series of random events pushed this need
to the surface within a ridiculously extreme scenario.
she saw a twisted, decadent glamour in the heat of the moment.
it was real.......
less extreme examples of this theory happen every day....all the time.
.......and all human behavior has extremes.
is that so hard to understand?
just as it is easy to understand
that she now she regrets getting her wish.

There's two ways to read this piece. Either Mudede's a total nut writing Amanda Knox fanfic, or this is a work of parody taken to its most absurd levels. Since Mudede's whole story is so ridiculous, I think we're supposed to draw parallels between it and Giuliano Mignini's crackpot theories. Mudede's clearly taken Mignini's assertions to the extreme in order to point out how utterly absurd they are. This is kind of the same way that South Park constructs its social commentary/parody (I'm reminded of the episodes Red Hot Catholic Love and The Jeffersons). Yes, Mudede's work is tasteless--so is South Park--but he's trying to provoke us in order to prove a point.
Negrolabianism: Prof. Mudede's thesis, which views all social interactions in terms of the power relations between black dick and white pussy.
If the point is to demonstrate how absurd Magnini's theory is, then it would expect for this to be humorous and ironic. All I detect is an earnestness in the forced realism -- with footnotes.
This is as exploitative as Truman Capote's In Cold Blood, but in writing the masterwork of Mid-west gothic horror, Capote became very close to the murderers and the people they touched. Something tells me Mudede didn't build his characters from observation of the principles.
The idea of New Journalism was to import techniques from fiction writing to confront the impossibility of objectivity and offer a more genuine subjectivity. It's good when it works, but when it fails...
this piece is worthy of fox news. Charles, you would make a great nazi.
Negronaziapedopholabiac alachaholicalisticicalnarcisisitical intellectual nuskulaciphiliac.
For anyone who has ever smoked marijuana, hashish, cannabis, hemp, skunk, bud, weed, call it whatever you want, the idea that this drug could fuel a violent anything is patently absurd. A few hazy details? Yep. A "Reefer Madness" -type murderous binge? Are you fucking kidding? Can anyone cite the number of cases that this (marijuana is responsible idea) been credibly used to help convict someone of murder? This is not from a hemp-gaga poster. The "hash"-fueled idea is wacko, it just belongs in some strange, er, what, prosecutorial fantasy?

Comes out in the wash.

If Raffaele and Amanda were to have been arrested for this in the good 'ole USA, and the evidence team were up to snuff on their Miami CSI techniques, there's a damn good chance they would have been found just as guilty as they were in quaint and colorful Italy.

If the evidence gathered in Italia were presented in an American court room, the Amanda tifosi are exactly correct. She would have walked, just like OJ.

Unfortunately for the star-crossed lovers, both the evidence and the proceedings were in bella Italia.

Now for the good news for Amanda fans. Every once in a while, particularly on the accession to the Prime Ministers Post of some left-wing lulu, anyone of whom could give left-wing lulu lessons in Seattle, the authorities in Sunny Italy grant an "amnesty." Thatsa right. They open-a the doors-a and lotsa peoples they go-a home.

I worked some years in Milan (ad agency) and it behooves Americans living in Italy to wake up every morning and to say to their little dog, "Toto, we're not in Seattle anymore."
I was immediately offended by Charles Mudede's work of fiction based on the Meredith Kercher murder, and find it appalling that Dan Savage would run it. I don't know what I am more offended by: the lazy, artless writing, or the callous, exploitative way in which Mudede imagines the story. Or is it that Savage would even run this. Amanda's guilt or innocence aside, a woman is dead. This story is not nearly good enough to be a work of irony. It's simply pointless, especially when there are so many other angles and explorations to be made about this case. You guys can do better.
Interesting. The article was hard to read, but I knew going in that it was FICTION. We seem to forget there was a women murdered and yet all this sypathy for Amanda Knox.
I read the comments about the author. Calling him a negro nazi. Talking about his homeland #9(PS: If Mudede were as radical as he pretends to be, why does he seem to have no relation with his home country, the poor, troubled and formerly-colonized Zimbabwe?)
HIS poor, troubled, and formerly colonized Zimbabwe?
Saying he loves young girls?
I love how people say Seattle is soooo progressive. Bull shit.
Check yourselves and your undeserved privilege.
Charles Mudede blows his load all over the newspaper, and everyone reading it.

Feel good?

You just chose to capitalize on the hideous slaying of an innocent and undeserving woman for the sake of your own "artistic expression." Does that not resonate anywhere in you as *just a little bit* fucked up? What's wrong with you?

@55 You're an idiot.

Just sayin, in case you didn't already know.
good piece Mudede, don't listen to the critics--most of whom are souless trashbags who should rather be reading People magazine. don't kill creativity that pushes limits, there's better things to get worked up about
I love Charles Mudede.

I love how he drives these hipsters crazy.

Please keep it up. It's priceless.
charles mudede is awesome. his meticulously cited article reads like something tarantino might rip off.

read the article side by side paxton's ramblings and the story comes to life.

if amanda did it or not is beside the point. the story of a murder is always about the conviction. how did the police and prosecuting attorney put this together? how did they fuck this up?

Fascinating stuff... I am a real latecomer to this case, only checking out the available details since the conviction, and I can honestly say I have no idea if she was really involved though.

Sounds like she screwed the pooch when it comes to alibi and keeping her story straight, and that's probably enough to convict anyone in Bella Italia.
Perfectly legitimate attempt to make sense of what MIGHT have occurred on the night in question. Didn't strke me as prurient at all....rather, it is entirely consisent with the behavior and personal of (thankfully convicted) murderess, Amanda Knox.
Occam's razor suggests Guede did it.

The same razor nicks Mandy and Ralphie. Any fool, including the Eyetie cops and the Prosecutor, can see that they had something to do with this.

"What?" That's the question. The failure to provide Mandy and Ralphie with attorneys, the cops' inability to maintain a chain of evidence, the DNA slip-ups, the failure to record the interviews, are all appellate issues in Italy, as indeed they would be in England or the US.

By the way, this is strictly an internal Italian matter, so don't expect Hillary to ride to Amanda's "rescue." OTOH, the procedural issues give the kids a good shot at beating this rap.
I'm really glad you got to exercise your creative writing muscles on the murder of one girl and imprisonment of another. Good to see how much human life and compassion really means to you - clearly much more than fodder for your 'journalism'.
This is poorly written, totally imagined, and thoroughly offensive to all those involved most notably, Meredith Kercher. What the fuck, Stranger? This isn't even *good* crime fiction, it's just making something gross out of a really terrible crime. I say this as a professor of writing and literature. You ought to be ashamed of yourself. I stopped reading half way through.
Is it just me - but this piece seems to me to be intentionally deeply satirical? Something like this is what would have had to have happened for the prosecutions case to hold! We know Rudy Guede was there and left his fingerprints, footprint and DNA all over the place (including inside Meredith). The evidence massively points to him as the murderer and he has in fact been convicted of this murder. For Mignini's wild prosecution theory about sex orgies to be true and pull in two more supposed accomplices - then you have to believe some story like this. Yes it is completely ridiculous and fantastic! Welcome to Mignini's world.
Disgusted by the potentially-libelous comments about the author. He's entitled to speculate. His scenario sounds reasonable to me. Of course it doesn't make pleasant reading. However unpleasant the scenario may seem to anyone reading, the murder was a million times more unpleasant and terrifying for the poor victim. Try and remember her, and stop giving succor to her savage murderers.
Disgusted by the potentially-libelous comments about the author. He's entitled to speculate. His scenario sounds reasonable to me. Of course it doesn't make pleasant reading. However unpleasant the scenario may seem to anyone reading, the murder was a million times more unpleasant and terrifying for the poor victim. Try and remember her, and stop giving succor to her savage murderers.
I kinda liked the article.
charles says right off the bat, WORK OF FICTION!
in a free publication mind you. you've all read an seen worse in hollywood. CALM THE FUCK DOWN.

This was an interesting FICTIONAL account. I gotta say you commenters who delight in your own vitriol against a writer are coming off as perverse. Quit reading him if you hate him! Sheesh.
This is the first time I'm posting an anti-Mudede post, but I think this article finally pushed me over the edge. This is a disgusting rape fantasy. I know you say it's fiction, but if I wanted to read rape fantasy fiction written by an arrogant misogynist, I'd... well, I don't think I'd ever want to. Lately, every article I read by you, Charles, makes me feel sick. I couldn't even read to the end of this one. It's like you're using the Stranger as an outlet to just be as disgusting and offensive as possible. Why does everything you write have to be so full of bitterness, hatred, and fucked up sexual commentary? I know we're all supposed to be cynical and jaded, but seriously, it's like you're just trying to get everyone to hate you.
I think this is a very good estimation of what could have happened. Obviously someone killed poor Meredith Kercher, she was held down and raped - then savagely murdered.
Knox and her boyfriend have lied repeatedly, let's hope within a few years someone will crack and tell the truth.
RIP Meredith Kercher.

Admittedly, the dialogue was fantasized by your own device. You can call it fiction or whatever you like in order to spew your filth, but at the heart of your piece is the personal attack of a real person.

If Amanda had ever intimidated, harmed, or even spoke in such an attacking way to another human being, you can believe they would've sung to the press by now for a hefty payment.

What if someone were to generate a fictional and disgusting account of your comments on any given night? You would likely disapprove, but based on your writing style it could certainly be imagined.

Why not create dialogue for the investigators that conveniently 'forgot' to abide by the law and record the interrogation?
- Better not or you might find yourself "under investigation" for defamation like Curt Knox and Edda Mellas. On the flip side, nothing hinders you from attacking Knox and Sollecito.

Your fantasized dialogue irresponsibly contributes to the defamation and slander of Knox and if 25 months of this bullshit wasn't enough.

And yes, I know it is fictional and that you readily admit that fact. But that mask doesn't hide the truth of your unfounded and disgusting intuitions. Nice try freaky dreamer.
I love you, Charles Mudede! Thanks for getting peoples' panties in a bunch. Also, thank you for continuing to write, even though self-professed enlightened liberals keep calling you all sorts of names and making false accusations that any genuine thinking person would be horrified at. Long live absurdity!
I love you, Charles Mudede! Thanks for getting peoples' panties in a bunch. Also, thank you for continuing to write, even though self-professed enlightened liberals keep calling you all sorts of names and making false accusations that any genuine thinking person would be horrified at. Long live absurdity!
@76 - An innocent girl is brutally raped and murdered, and some creepy obsessive douche who's never met her writes shitty rape fan fiction about it... I'm sorry, but that's offensive. Hopefully one day after someone you cares about dies, Charles can direct a really 'insightful' snuff porn film about it, and we can laugh at you when you get your panties in a bunch.
@45 Why would drug dealers waste perfectly good and considerably more expensive drugs lacing weed as a practical joke?
It is hard to imagine the lack of feeling that went into publishing this piece. It is also hard to imagine how anyone could write it and not realize that it just could not have happened like that. Disgusting article, but testifies to Knox's innocence.
Its called IRONY you dimwit politically correct Seattlelites who dont understand JACK about International Law, and especially nothing about Italy besides capucchinos and pasta, which you probable have only had at the spaghetti factory and starbucks. MI FATE SCHIFO! Ignoranti, disgraziati teste di MERDE! Of course the sexually repressed state of america couldnt wrap around their heads the POINT of this article, mandatevaneaffanculotuttinsieme!
I do not believe it is intended to be irony. See comment #28
If you understood sensationalism and that Italians are the best at, you would realize the prosecuters explanation of events is a sack of sensational inflated bullshit. Who knows what the perps actually deserved and actually did. So sensationalism in Italy...You can find in any newspaper that their PM flies in prostitutes on public tax money and the media goes apeshit over that, but no transparency over the mafias illegal dumping of toxic trash (which Berlusconi has instructed them to do with a nice chunk of dough so they can go swim in Hawaii instead of their homeland) (p.s. do you dimwits even know who Berlusconi is? Or even the Cammorah? you should cos they are the ones being funded to rebuild the Twin Towers, no conspiracy)
p.s. see comment 81 :mandateveneaffanculotuttinsieme, testa di merda!
I have to disagree with Charles Mudede, although his narrative may well fit with the words spoken by the prosecutor, they do not mesh with the evidence. I have concluded what happened in this case could well be explained by Nassim Nicholas Talbeb, who wrote in “The Black Swan, The Impact of the Highly Improbable” “The problem is that our ideas are sticky; once we produce a theory, we aren’t likely to change our minds–so those who delay developing their theories are better off. When you develop your opinion on the basis of weak evidence, you have difficulty interpreting subsequent information that contradicts your opinions, even if the new information is more accurate. .................... Remember we treat ideas like possessions, and will be hard for us to part with them.” This explains why the prosecution clung to the original theory.

Begin on Friday 26th October, 2007: Rudy Guede was caught after breaking into a Kindergarten in Milan. Police found a11 inch knife in his back-pack. They confiscated a laptop and mobile phone which had been stolen from a solicitors office in Perugia. Rudy was not in possession of a mobile phone from this point onwards. Guede’s MO was to toss a rock through the window before entering per a Internet posting.

Around 5:00 pm on October 30th, Fabrizio Giofreddi parked his car right at the junction where Via Della Pergola begins and the street leads up to the piazza Grimana, which he described as being across from the pub “contropunto”. He said that he saw Amanda, Raffaele, Meredith, and a black man which he believes was Rudy as he had seen him before, but could not be 100% sure. If his testimony is credible, Meredith would recognize Guede if she saw him again.

Thursday 1 November: Sophie Purton and Robyn Butterworth, two friends of Ms Kercher had an early supper of pizza, ice cream and coffee at Robyn's flat "at about 6pm", drinking only water and no alcohol. Afterward they watched a film on DVD, "The Notebook". Ms Purton walked home with Ms Kercher, placing Ms Kercher at the cottage at about 9.15pm.

At 6:27 activity begins on Sollicito’s' computer, possibly signifying the start of watching the film 'Amelie' Confirmation of their being at apartment is testimony of Jovana Popovic. Around 8:40, through the intercom she spoke to a laughing Amanda who said that Raf was there and invited her up. She did not go up.

Around 9:30-10:00 pm Antonio Curatolo, a vagrant, was in Piazza Grimani where he positively identified Knox and Sollicito as the couple he saw across the piazza. He originally said that they were there from 9:30 through midnight, but clarified that they were there at 9:30-10:00pm and may have left around 11-11:30 and then returned there just before midnight. This placed Amanda and Sollecito a short distance from the murder scene, “...their position of observation on the steps near via della Pergola overlooking the house."

Giampaolo Lambrotti, the tow truck driver, went to Via della Pergola on the evening of November 1st. to assist a broken down car parked on the opposite side of the road only a few meters from the entrance to the Knox/Kercher house. He said he received the service call around 10:30-10:40 pm and it took him about 15-20 minutes to arrive at the location. Repairs were completed by 11:15. No one in car or the driver reported seeing or hearing anything to help solve case.

Antonella Morlacchia took nearly a year to come forward. She is a young woman living with her parents in Via Pinturicchio, the street behind the parking facility and houses that overlook it. The apartment is large and a portion of it looks down over Via della Pergola. She can see clearly from her window the house with its roof, terrace, window, doors, driveway, and so on.

She testified that around 10:00 pm she heard people arguing. It seemed to be a man and a woman; she looked outside her window and did not see anyone. But the arguing was definitely coming from Via della Pergola. She could not say for certain it was coming from the house, though she did look at it and notice that the house was dark.

Maria Luisa Dramis lives above the parking facility and though her bedroom window faces the via del Melo at back where her front door is, the “back” of her apartment faces north over Via della Pergola, and she can see the roof of the house and the top part of the doorway. On November 1st, she went to the movies with a friend, and she returned home around 11:00-11:30 pm. She had gone to bed shortly after arriving at home and was woken shortly afterwards by someone running up or down her street. She did say that it is not unusual to hear people on the street below, but this time someone was running.

Nara Capezzali, a 69 year old widow who lives with her daughter in an apartment just above the San Antonio parking facility located across the street from the house in Via della Pergola. She had gone to bed around 9:30 pm. About two hours later, she woke up to go to the bathroom and testified it was about 11-11:30 or so as she usually gets up at this time because she takes a diuretic before bed that kicks in about 2 hours afterwards. On her way to the bathroom, she passed by her living room window, and heard a loud and horrible scream. It was not a short scream, it lasted rather longer and it was quite shocking to her.

There was activity on Meredith’s cell phone at 10:13 pm ’This message was received on Meredith’s mobile phone via a cell which does not cover her house and is nearer to the garden where the mobile was found.’’

Between 2 am and 4:30 am, Rude was seen at the Domus nightclub. Pietro Camplongo said Guede was dancing alone, and that people were keeping their distance from him, because he smelled “as if he hadn’t washed.”

The next day, Meredith was discovered murdered. Both Amanda and Raffaele Sollecito give conflicting statements. Knox had cleaned up the kitchen area and she acted suspiciously. Meredith’s bra had a blood stained shoulder strap and it’s clasp has been severed. Forensic experts testify that there were two different blades used, with one of the causing one wound. This would indicate two separate incidents. One wound matched the blade on which Knox’s and Kercher’s DNA are found. The bloody outline of the other marked Meredith’s sheet. The vagrant’s testimony blew Knox and Sollecito’s alibi.

The prosecutor’s premise of a sex game has too many moving parts and frankly doesn’t fit them. The logical way to address this case is to follow Occam's Razor, "When you have two competing theories that make exactly the same predictions, the simpler one is the better.”

Here is the simpler one:

Meredith arrived home at 9:20 pm in a foul mood to find her stoned roommate and her lover in the kitchen. She was tired and menstruating. Her rent money was missing. She got into an argument that turned physical. Sollecito tried to hold Meredith back from behind. She practiced taekwondo and broke free. His hand touched the bra strap leaving a sample. The stoned Amanda either picked up the knife or perhaps was using it in the kitchen. Whether she attacked or acted in self-defense would be in question. One of the experts opined the wound could have been caused by an accidental tussle. Amanda and Raffaele fled to the car park across the street at 9:30, leaving the front door open. There they loitered for two hours, awaiting the police to respond.

Meanwhile Meredith went into the bathroom, leaving blood droplets. She applied cloths or towels and thought she had stemmed the bleeding. She laid down on her bed.

Guede, without a cell phone to call his friends on the lower level, found the building dark. He decided to burgle upstairs apartments. He tried the door and found it open or unlocked. He found Meredith who recognized him. Freshly out of jail, he choked her into unconsciousness. She fought back and he struck her head against the wall. He decided to rape her. He used his knife to cut the bra strap. He attempted to enter a passage filled with a tampon, leaving his DNA on the tampon. Perhaps Meredith stirred or he stuck out in frustration. He made multiple stab wounds on her neck using a knife with a 3 ½ inch blade.

Afterward, he rummaged through her purse and pocketed the cell phones and stole her credit cards. He looked for loot. While in the other bathroom, the excitement of his crime contracts his bowels. He left the toilet unflushed to be discovered by Amanda the next day. He scampered away. He tossed phones realizing they could be traced to him. He cleaned up, changing clothes and went to nightclub.

By 11:30 pm, Amanda and Raffaele gave up waiting for police just after the tow truck left. They went to flat and discovered Meredith’s body. Amanda screamed. She threw the cover over the body without examining it and did things to stage Filomena’s room, believing that she had killed her roommate. They concocted the alibi of spending the night at Sollicito’s flat. She returned in the morning and cleaned the kitchen and hallway.

Detectives immediately questioned scenario because evidence puts three people at the scene.

@78 - Everything I do is for you, my love. My panties are so bunched! Sounds like yours are too.
What a waste of ink.
@81 - Wtf is "ironic" about this article? Do YOU understand what irony is?
shut up and go away you no talent hack! you suck Mr.Mudede. please consider a new career.
had me creeping along my thigh. good shit.
I think that everyone here is taking this WAY too seriously. Were you intrigued? You probably couldn't stop reading it. Because it's a fantasy dumbasses! He is narrating the obviously made up story that the prosecution has come up with to tragically convict this poor girl. The irony is to show the how fictional this is. Derrrr.
Rock on, Mr. Mudede. This article has stuck with me in the way I believe you intended and may this girl one day be free from the stupid "justice" system that exists in Italy.
After seeing Mr. Mudede's TV interview on the case, and reading some of his more 'conventional' comments on the case, I know that this 'creative exercise' is coming from a man who has given a great deal of thought to the evidence and the question of what, exactly, happened that night. As a result, I was riveted by what I just read. Positively riveted.
I'm not sure I've ever seen a narrative with a similar theme. Is he saying he thinks she did it or isn't he? The whole thing strikes me as dangerously irresponsible.
You are disgusting and I can't believe ANYONE finds you a credible writer.

SHAME on the Stranger's editors for approving this vile trash that has no basis for anything and is nothing but defecation wrapped up in a pretty package.

You have some real chutzpah, Mudede.

Ad hominem attacks on my favorite Rhodesian writer of all time are strictly forbidden.

Check out the headline. First word: "IF."

If the articles posted here are too strong for you, or offend your sensibilities in some way, for heaven's sake, say so. Quote particulars. Whether or not an author chap is wearing a dirty necktie, slurps the soup, or is romantically involved with juvenile farm animals, actually has nothing to do with what's in print.

Mudede, keep up the good work. Can't wait to read your review of Amanda's book, movie, tv series, and clothing collection.
Mudede: you are the man. Keep up the good work.
Mudede - you are an egotistical, deluded, arrogant, obnoxious piece of garbage. As are the vast majority of guilters, mostly emanating from the discredited and vile PMS Forum, where they encourage convicted paedophiles to post!

Mudede and his ilk are a slur on society.
you are a great writer :) LOVE your work!
This article should have been titled:

"FOOTNOTE: *This Article Is Pure Fiction!"
This article should have been titled:

"FOOTNOTE: *This Article Is Pure Fiction!"