The First 100 Minutes

Mike McGinn's Mayorship: Already a Dismal Failure


So cute! "I went bed."
I'm sorry, but we don't need another The Onion.
I'm just impressed that Dom managed to pull his tougne out of McGinn's ass to actually write something.
1) Damn it. The first typo of 2010!

3) Clever.
@4, I wasn't being clever; I was being honest.
Dang - I was hoping it was verbatim. It just sounded like something he might say to you through a mouthful of devilled egg.
Yeah, that "Dom has his tongue up McGinn's ass" joke NEVER gets old. Did you see that? Dom, you have your tongue up the mayor's ass! Haw! A metaphor!
Sorta cute now, not so cute a year from now when it becomes relevant.
Yeah Dom,
you should at least spit McGinn's cum out before you do a story...
how is it this is a feature?
thank you for completely wasting my time. c'mon stranger, you can do so much better than this.
Save the check list graphic.
In a year you'll be able to use it unaltered
way too dope.
so to say.
bonus! best new band name: "cumulus word cloud"
where are the editorial comments about his weight?
@13, this one bikes to work, well he uses an electric assit bike AND IT SHOWS!!
Dan hates all fat but the Mc Ginn fat - how queer.

And the ass eating jokes are very funny - cause the image of that event is so comic ... not that Dom couldn't handle it.
Hey, if the time we live in is so accelerated, how come it still takes 3 days for those "quick" Hot Pockets to go through me?

::rim shot::

Anybody overpaid at City Hall?
And I thought OUR mayor was bad,which he is, no doubt... Kwame Kilpatrick for mayor!

Whew! Made it throught the first 100 minutes without a psuedo scandal. Suck on that, psuedo scandal-mongers.
I want to voice my support for utterly snarky features. WIN.
#18: Not true. 8 out of 9 of McGinn's senior staff are men. McGinn's female appointees make over $13,000 less than the men. All of the people interviewed by Dominic (a man) at McGinn (a man)'s inauguration were men. We expect nearly all of McGinn's 200 layoffs to be women.

Recall Mike McGinn. Worst first 100 minutes of any Seattle mayor (all men except for 2 years) ever.
"Some were pronouncing his first 100 minutes a failure."

Some? WTF is this bullshit? Do you think you work for Fox news now? I can't believe anyone at The Stranger is stooping so low as to use Bill O'Riely smear tactics.

Don't tell us "Some say this" or Some say that". It's the most degraded form of journalism there is. What's next, are you going to use the Glen Beck trademark It's-not-libel-if-I-ask-it-as-a-question. For example: "Obama is killing your grandma?".

Dominic, I expect you to apologize to Stranger readers by tomorrow for acting like a right-wing nutjob.
@22 for the unintentional win.
@22 jesus. I hope Obama at least punches your grandma.
McGinn actually did have a bad first 100 minutes... virtually no other local or regional leaders showed up at his swearing-in and without any support from other regional elected officials, nothing much will happen.
This is why I wipe my ass with the stranger. Clever little high school kids aren't funny. They're stupid.
If I ever get elected and I'm getting judged after 100 minutes I will release to the press, and you can quote me on this:

"I just got in office, let them change the name on the door and give me a chance to do my damn job before you start ragging on me. Thank you."
Comedy gold, these comments here. Gold, I tell you.
I was waiting for West Seattle Failure to reply, and he delivers as always.
Dominic is a high school dropout, actually @26. The guy is an uneducated hipster, so....
I would like to think @22 is being sarcastic. Alas, I just don't have that much faith in the intelligence of your average human being.
hahahahaha, Its like shooting fish in a barrel, how can someone simultaneously read the stranger and say something like @22 boggles the mind....
hahahahaha, Its like shooting fish in a barrel, how can someone simultaneously read the stranger and say something like @22 boggles the mind....
Ian and I enjoyed reading this at Kylie's Chicago Pizza in Fremont last night.

It was almost as funny as the letters column.
I chuckled at the column, but I'm laughing my ass off at the butthurt comments.
As funny as the comments are, the article is crap, even by the lower-than-low standards of The Stranger. If I wanted an alternative weekly whose lead article in the news section is completely devoid of anything even remotely resembling news, I'd read The Mercury.
I like onions. Keep it up.
OMG...this was awesome; i see the stranger has a bit of the 'the onion' bug...hilarious, well done sirs and madames.
Um, the "Hundred Days" traditon goes back much further than FDR - See "Napoleon Bonaparte"...(also much older than Napoleon Dynamite for all of you hipsters that slept thru history :)…
39: Napoleon's hundred days weren't about "the tradition of marking accomplishments after 100 units of time," which is what the article refers to. You're such an ass.
#3: Who types with their tongue?

A hundred minutes? Who expects much to happen in one hour?

But that WOULD be enough time for sex. Fifty times! Unless I'm in a hurry. Or excited.
I assume this is a joke, but it's hard to tell because it's NOT FUNNY AT ALL. Dear god, and it's the feature?! Really? I didn't think it could get much worse than "Lindy West likes sugar," (who cares?). But I guess I was wrong..
Criminy. Who knew so many Stranger readers would have no sense of humor whatsoever?

On thing he made sure to do in the minus 100 days before taking office was give himself lots of 'outs' on wasting 5 billion on the Alaskan Tunnel.
The first 100 minutes? Give the man a brake, he can't fix a city in just over 1.5 hours.
The knives are out already.

So when's McChinn going to get us all our own jet packs?
Swap out 'McGinn' with 'Obama' and 'Dominic Holden' with 'Dan Savage' and swap out the intent of humor with serious business and... fuck it

A year from now, you'll write this again except you'll be serious.
I think it shows how much we unfairly expect from politicians.

I don't think McGinn will provide all that he promised, but I do think he will be honest about why he failed to do so.

Given the two candidates in the race I voted for the "lesser evil".
And people actually take The Stranger seriously.

Sorry I wasted my time.
Spend more time on the city council;after all,they have QUITE a bit 'o power themselves!And dole out districts for each council seats so we can FINALLY GET A MUNICIPAL AND COUNTY INCOME TAX TO REPLACE THOSE BOURGEOIS SALES TAXES????......Sheesh!!!.........
#30- I attended high school with Dominic, and drop out or no...he already had a PhD in Snark by the time he was 15. Some of us are just naturally gifted.
Are y'all not smoking enough wacky tobaccy? Some of you recognize wouldn't recognize satire if it slapped you in the face! Le sigh.