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What a cool article. Thanks
Lovely, just lovely.
Wanted to add that Scott Paul's products are also available at Wild @ Heart!
I purchased lots of really fabulously kinky speciality BDSM supplies from Lovers Lair. And, they have a dungeon!
I've found some new shopping sites.
Nice article, Dan. Always nice to see friends doing well.
Good to see my pals and fellow kinksters getting the recognition that they deserve. I personally own numerous products made by each of them.

Libido Events
Thank you Dan! This is great info... more please.
Tonya Winters has AMAZING craftsmanship. Really beautiful, flattering designs in PVC.
It's especially nice to see people whom I know and like, from my own community doing so well at what it is that they do. Thanks for the article Dan!
Fine article, but just so unaware folks know: Monk's humble-tude is a put-on. Dude is insecure as phuck - and comes equipped with the type of ego that condition engenders. Jacketed in ill-fitting bravado he, seemingly paradoxically, uses 'humble' talking points for ingratiating PR moments; these article quotes, painting an unassuming guy, are part of his shtick and a carefully groomed, chosen facade.

You know, like the guy reading a book in the corner of a bar to pick up chicks. Yeah.
What I love most about this article is how these people found their way into having their own businesses, it's inspiring.

And just what exactly does that have to do with rope? Maybe you should just stick to the Home Despot for your knotty needs?

-No axe to grind
@13: The H. Despot? Yuck-o.

Nah, I prefer to make my own. It's lovely.
@13: Oops. Rephrase: It [attempting to signify, 'the process of finishing my own rope'] is lovely.
Just wanted to acknowledge the excellent photography for this article. The color continuity wasn't lost on me and I'm not even a pro photo person. Thanks for the great shots.
@11 Oh yeah, and you are so personally secure yourself, posting personal attacks you wouldn't dare say to anyones face. Sour grapes much? Nice touch registering with the name of one of Monk's partners. Who are you, her jealous ex?
@17: No sour grapes, just /very/ much not a fan of his M.O. & the (hypocritical) discrepancies between persona and person.

And a jealous ex? Nah. Just a kinkster that feeling a tad fed up.
You're sure as hell jealous of something, jezzbel. A woman scorned, maybe. Or a business competitor. Its very obvious.
@19: Your entitled to your misimpression, Larkshead. At this remove, it's easy to recognize that there's very little probability of 'convincing' you otherwise.

However, I'll try one time. Let me put it like this - folks write reviews of services, congressmen, eateries, etc., via this online forum the Stranger provides. Some agree with others' opinions & assessments re: the latest music sensation, council members & on... others don't. It's clear you don't value my opinion & that's fine. If someone not-you can relate to my input favorably or find it valuable, that's fine, too (& would be my hope).

All that said, when I ran into the horse dookie mill yet again that is the classic Monk talking points - as compared to the values & beliefs he exhibits if given sufficient time &/or cause to show 'true colors' - I felt compelled to voice my $0.02. End of story.

I assure you that although I find great pleasure in conditioning & finishing hemp cordage for personal use, I am no competitor in his market. A missed customer opportunity? Sure. And although I do not have an overall favorable opinion of this particular rope vendor & community member, I don't believe this qualifies me to sit in the 'woman scorned' bucket. I am simply sharing my 'DO NOT WANT' reaction to his PR based on what I know is /not/ reflected there.

Make sense?

Jezzebel - no, it doesn't. You're clearly someone with a personal axe to grind here, this is not just a impersonal review of a product. Way too much bitterness for that. You're talking shit about the guy personally. So you're either a man who's jealous or a woman who thinks she got rejected. Or I guess you could be a man who got rejected.
Make sense?
@21: I see your point, I simply fail to share it.

This man is the main show pony of his company & its products. If I have an issue with him, it's relevant - and affects - my interest & willingness to buy what he sells - part of which is *himself*, or rather the Monk 'mystique' through his various PR outlets, (this rag last week, his website(s) 24/7, etc.).

If we weren't talking about a local rope vendor within our community, but a restauranteur, say, I doubt you would have taken such issue with my opinion. For instance, if I had wrote a food review (a la Yelp), "Heads up, the guy that runs this joint is a complete asshole. 1 star - don't patronize this watering hole; it isn't worth your time & your bucks are better spent elsewhere," my expectation is that you likely wouldn't take issue with my stance.

But this wasn't the case - my comment touched on a guy selling rope within a minority community and you're attached to that &/or him, so somehow it can feel less okay (to some) to call a spade a spade. I get it. Would you have thought more equitably about my commentary if I'd included product review in my statement?

(Just in case, here you go: Rope's adequate, but for folks with even modest levels of income, space, & physical ability it's easy to make something just the way *you* like it on your own. If it wasn't easy, this vendor couldn't have initially started his experimentation with cordage conditioning out of his residence's garage).

Since the PR article is here, I commented here; this is the spot upon which I was most recently revolted. Hypocrisy does that to a person. (Well, *this* person.)

Hypocrisy isn't always (nay, isn't often) easy to spot clearly without looking beyond 'the shiny'. And not everyone has the luxury, or ability, to gain access to such knowledge before becoming involved &/or purchasing product... which is the brilliance of - and need served by - reviews.

Armed with sub-shiny knowledge, I consider my original comment to have been the latest iteration of (likely impotent) public service announcements pointing out the nekkid emperors I've experienced, as well as the gems. This Monk fellow is simply one in the long line of humanity - *full* of immodestly clothed jerks who triumphantly declare the opposite. Nevertheless, I still prefer to call it when I see it.

As futile as it may be to warn folks off the jackasses, it's worth a try. If they listen & it saves themselves a run-in and unnecessary grief, huzzah! If not, so be it.
@22 Dude, you are way, way too invested in this. Good luck working out whatever's really going on in your head.
I am so proud to live in a city with such a vibrant and creative kink community. All three of these people are such great contributors, not only through their products sold world wide but with their involvement locally. Yay! Seattle Kinksters love you guys.
@23: Cheers, Larkshead. Kisses.
Wonderful article, and I love the product so of course I'm biased...

Jezz, I have the same opinion about you as I do about other folks who spew their bile on Yelp: Get A Life. Go Outside. Do Something Positive Today. And I hope I never have the displeasure of meeting someone so bitter and boring as you.
@26: May you, LaRouge, and your opinion live happily ever after. *tips hat*