Features Jun 3, 2010 at 4:00 am

He’s Back—This Time Running Against Patty Murray for U.S. Senate—
and He’s Dragging Around More Junk in His Trunks Than Ever Before


Clever propaganda with nothing direct, factual or actually newsworthy. Great graphic and good highlighting to put things out of context. I suggest you put all the other usual hearsay in with it to leverage your graphics talents
Too bad most people won't be able to read this teeny tiny type online...it was worth the read.
As if anyone of note relies on content from the Stranger.

Stranger than fiction is what you ought to call it.
@ 3 Says person not worthy of note.
Nothing direct, factual, or newsworthy? I might be convinced to agree on the newsworthy aspect, but the rest of it seems to hit the slimy nail on the head. I wonder if scumbag Dino is going to keep the "Don't Let Seattle Steal This Election" slogan on his campaign signs on the Olympic Penninsula and in Eastern Washington. Whatever. It won't make a difference anyway. Dino's just gonna get beat up by another girl.
He was picked by the GOP in their drive to have a controllable pretty face in Washington.

Doesn't he know he is laughed at?
The GOP wouldn't pick someone who can't win an election. Rossi is spending his money and that of his friends to buy him importance.He can't accept the will of the people.He argues and whines that it;s unfair, illegal and dishonest that he's not in office.I think he and Charles need to go job hunting for something they're good at.
Pay up the @20,000 you are late in tax payment freeloader
fuck rossi and fuck that downs syndrom looking patty murray they all suck.
Has anyone actually seen his ads? He is an insincere, smarmy developer. He cannot even act sincere in his paid political ads. It is so obvious that he is a total idiot.
Dini Rossi is a douche nozzle. He is a liar, a money grubbing loser who has NO intention of helping struggling citizens...he wants to line his own pockets with lobbyist money and fuck Washingtonians. His ads are ridiculous, and not true. I just hope the smart people in Washington vote in bigger numbers so that he leaves this state in shame!

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