What Are You Doing?: The Innovators

The Stranger Walks In On an Inventor, a Paleontologist, an Underwater Explorer, and a Comic Artist Who Went Viral


Yet again, The Stranger profiles 3 men and 1 woman. I guess they just don't think women are all that interesting.
@1 For the first time in the history of the United States, women hold more jobs than men. More women are enrolled in college. Postmodern industrialized society appears to favor women and their strengths (ability to sit still for a long time; ability to cooperatively manage social relations in an office environment; ability to not need to brain something with a club every few days to feel all right about oneself). Men will soon be regarded as the endangered sex, on whose behalf public policy action will be required.

Men, in fact, are "edgy"; and The Stranger, endlessly trying to be edgy, has unconsciously sensed this, which is why 3/4 of the subjects are men in a self-conscious attempt to keep up with the edge.
@1-if you choose the see the world as two dimensional, as us vs. them, you will always go through the world with a chip on your shoulder. Why don't you get offended by the lack racial diversity or the fact that they all look like they're well educated and upper middle class?

Better yet, you could focus on the content of their work and have something interesting to say about that rather than concentrating on their gender.
For those curious about Aguera y Arcas' work see:


Pretty interesting stuff. Both videos are worth watching.
Anyone who claims that the "ability to cooperatively manage social relations in an office environment" is a female strength has never worked in an environment with female employs.
Innovaters? Innovators.
@5 FTW.
That Charles wrote about Peter Ward is perfect. Ward is a complete farce and a shitty teacher to boot. It amazes me that the dude has tenure.
@6 Duh. Good catch. It's been fixed. (And it's correct in the paper, so I'm not entirely sure how that even happened. Weird!)
I'm confused by the heading for Peter Ward - "Peter Ward Apocalyptic, Paleontologist." Is that a typo, or is it just Mudede?
See? The world IS full of interesting people.