Seattle's Best Booths

A Very Special and Weirdly Particular Restaurant Roundup


I <3 Stellar Pizza.
Washington State Ferries...

I work on the boats. Every day I see many people laying face down on the benches in the booths on these boats. It must be comfortable but I always think to myself, "Don't they know how many asses sit there where their face is EVERY DAY?

I would like to personally thank whomever it was at Stellar Pizza who plastered the men's room with Drunk of the Week columns
I used to do my homework in an old phone booth. It had a built in seat and light, great for reading.
Next story should be Seattle's best bar stools. Seriously: some bars just have a perfect spot, where one or two stools let you see the whole room, where it's close to the tap or the cash register so you can always get the bartender's attention, not too far from the bathrooms, and maybe even with a plug for your laptop if the place has wifi. Bonus points for good angles to see the mirrors and out windows.
I'd be happy to contribute a stool sample.
RIP Buckaroo. You had awesome booths.
It's hard to stand out in such a lengthy list (original idea, kudos, Stranger!), but Christopher Frizzelle did with his review of El Gallito's booths. He made me feel conspiratorial and childlike at once.
Who doesn't love a cozy booth?
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Does it still take two hours to get a slice and a pint at Stellar?
I like the south booths at talricos but they need soundproofing; you can tell by how well you can hear the obnoxious women in the booth over that they can also hear you talking about crimes.
The summit pub has nice booths and great bartenders.
It made me happy to see Booth Gardner included here.

And really--El Gaucho has mink-lined booths? Are they furry or mink leather? Or is BJC making this up?
Yay! Lorettas...
I am really impressed by the comprehensive nature of this list.
@13: It's true, El Gaucho has mink booths! It's mink fur, and it's the whole backrest (excluding only the part under your rich ass). Two banquettes and two corner booths are minked. Apparently, the old El Gaucho had mink booths in its former location, and then Mr. Paul MacKay made sure the mink carried on in the new space. "Mink" is a great word, isn't it?
@16: It is great, but I like "minked" even better than "mink." Although now I'm having flashbacks to Space Ghost: "I've got a doodle in my noodle and its name is Minkey Boodle."
@16: I like "minked" even better than "mink" and am foolishly relieved that it's fur and not leather.
Now I have Space Ghost's "I've got a doodle in my noodle and its name is Minkey Boodle" in my head.
It's annoying when people wear hats and scarves at the table.
@15: We forgot Brouwer's in Fremont! They have great booths.
Bernie and Boys in Top Hat. A grocery store that serves dinner.

"ATHENIAN in Pike Place Market: The view... cannot be matched... in Seattle."

Booth, schmooth. The view is better, inside and outside, at Lowell's -- and no, I do not work there, own it or have any connection other than being a 30-year customer, drunk then, and now sober (11). It looks even better now, and so do the bravo-tango ladies working and visiting there.

Lowell's booths are actually way cooler than a water view. Everywhere in Seattle has a water view! So what? But what other booths allow a secret vantage point of PPMkt shoppers... and a penny-toss to challenge you (try to toss one onto the little ledge a few feet away)!
No mention of the hurricane. Someone's holding a grudge.
I am crazy about tourism, although I have never visited Seattle but whenever I go there, I should have such handy information about lovely booths there to enjoy a lot living in great privacy.