The Head of the Force That Has Fucked Africa for Years Force-Fucks an African in the Head (Allegedly!)


i have a africam man who hangs out at connections on third and james....
Wow Kevin W. That is incredibly loathsome. What kind of a sick world do you wallow in where this is an acceptable thing to write?
@1 My, my. You do know how to elegantly critique an argument. You santorum-smeared pink slob.
The reason Greece is in such difficulty is that the government has for many years maintained ambitious spending programs (viz., the 2004 summer Olympics) without the domestic revenues. The Greek hoi polloi are principled tax evaders. So how to fund public programs? Borrow abroad, issue bonds, promise the moon. Now some of these bonds are coming due and there are no drachmas, er, euros, to pay them.
@1 Kevin I didn't know your mom worked at Sofitel.
This article is silly. It is very similar to the "Last Days" section where they mentioned 2 different crimes and mentioned race (perps were white) in both cases. They also mentioned several crimes where the perp was black, but of course made no mention of race.
I would have loved to see the Stranger do an article like this about the Tuba man and how Seattle refused to raised their voice in anger when the black perps got 3 months for stomping someone to death. There have been a dozen serious assaults and robberies on metro against vulerable people- a blind woman, an elderly man, a preganant woman, etc. It would be refreshing if the Stranger did an article about this and pointed out that almost all of them were perpetrated by young African Americans. Why the taboo? If it was the other way around Charles would have written 6 articles about it by now.
You left out a layer of the story (intentionally, I assume). While Dominique Strauss-Kahn may, or may not, be a rapist, he most emphatically is a Socialist and was a Communist.

So the real story is:

Rich European Socialist With Communist Affiliations Rapes Poor African On The Altar Of American Capitalism

Now that plot rings true enough to life to be believable.
At least we can be certain M. Strauss-Kahn has read his Sade. Philosophy in the Hotel Room, truly inspirational.
The problem with the IMF isn't neoliberalism. The problem is that they loan the money exclusively to criminal strongmen, largely based on the perception that they are in fact strong enough to defeat any attempts at rebellion. Most of that money then heads straight back to Europe into secret bank accounts. Some of the biggest IMF recipients over the decades have achieved the least in terms of real infrastructure. If it was actually spent on the infrastructure necessary to develop a functioning economy, it might do some good. Instead, it (and the more "humanitarian" forms of international aid) are used to manipulate and even kill already marginalized populations.
"lacking any subtly" should be subtlety.
"The problem with the IMF isn't neoliberalism" apparently it's Neo-Libertine-ism. Sorry couldn't resist the pun.
@8 Dominique Strauss-Kahn is most emphatically NOT a socialist. The Parti Socialiste doesn't stand on a socialist platform. If Strauss-Kahn was a socialist he would never have been appointed head of the IMF.
@11 Fixed! Thanks.
Have you seen this pic of Strauss-Kahn floating around? He likes the black ladies for sure.
This business of live-action metaphors reminds me of the introduction to Paul Constant's piece on the Gabrielle Giffords shooting. It's a good era for literalists, I suppose.
I just ordered Chang's Bad Samaritans: The Myth of Free Trade and the Secret History of Capitalism today and am looking forward to the read, thank you.
Mr. Mudede: For more pedestrian readers, there is "Confessions of an Economic Hit-man" by John Perkins, a story of the malicious economic influence of the U.S./World Bank/IMF on developing nations from the later '50's onward.
I'm greatly relieved that this case will not boil down to a "he said/she said", since so many other women have come forward to bear witness to DSK's sexually aggressive behavior. This includes the Sofitel receptionist, who claims that after Strauss-Kahn arrived at his room he phoned back to the main desk to ask her if she wanted to come up 'for drinks'. Yeah, this guy is seriously a predator, no matter what else he may be in the world of finance.
Mr. Mudede:

Wondering why you felt that the religion of the alleged perpetrator and his alleged victim are relevant?
Something off-putting about that Lustlab ad running alongside this article, the one with the woman's naked ass in the air.
@13 thank you! Plus theres a very special situation in France which makes the easy "he's a commie!" thing impossible. It is a set norm that as a politician you are from "the better schools" and "the better families". Doesnt matter if its Parti Socialiste or Le Pens hoods or whomever.

(+ as someone with, I think, some insight into the socialist groups of Europe, Strauss-Kahn is not and have not been very much connected with anyone except leftism at the most. So "liberal" to translate it?)
Did she not have teeth ? I find it highly improbable that he "forced" her to do anything. The maids at the Hyatt do it for fifty bucks and they come from all nations, good cocksuckers all and nary an accusation.
@7Are young Black males responsible for global poverty and pollution?How many young Black males are dictating world policy?The price of gasoline?Food?Governmental budget deficits?Take your shit back to Stormfront,you motherfucker!
@8 DS-K ain't no socialist (original meaning)!Stop smoking crystal meth,dude!You don't know socialism/communism/Anarchism from a rat's ass;go back to Fox Boobs,you noob!
Nice Headline. A bit long, but to the point for sure.

Thanks for jumping on the bandwagon, Stranger... last week would have been more... uh whats the word?
You are one ignorant douchebag. I unfortunately stumbled upon your shitty website by accident. In fact, i had hoped it would be a good one given that you appropriated Camus' book title. By the way, I am a black African from a poor country, not that it is an essential part of my identity. I signed up to your website, just so I can say "fuck you".
I unfortunately stumbled upon your website by accident. I had hope it would be a good one given that you have appropriated Camus' book title for your site. Fuck, I have never read such an ignorant and vile article before. For your information, I am a black, male, African from a poor African country, not that it is an essential part of my identity. Anyway, I signed up to your shitty website just so I can say FUCK YOU.
This article can be boiled down to a single sentence: I don't like the IMF, so I'm tickled pink to see that its powerful leader is a prick. Is that supposed to come as a surprise?

It would be a lot more persuasive if you knew anything about Guinea, could link its ESAPs of the early 1990s to the global economic calamities that started a decade later (how many Sub-Saharan countries thrived in the 1990s? Botswana and South Africa are 2 of 49), or knew (for example) that the World Bank no longer provides structural adjustment loans. And as someone else noted, Greece hasn't been able to balance a budget pretty much ever (that's what you get with a retirement age of 50, recently raised to 55, for much of the population). And South Korea's 1997 crisis was similarly brought on by massive overborrowing for an economy that, a decade or two prior, was hardly the powerhouse it is today.

Do I hate the IMF? Of course! Do I find this article shrill and repetitive? Of course! Everything you state is obvious and difficult to dispute, but there needs to be more substance to the argument. Otherwise nothing you've said isn't a conclusion any thinking person wouldn't automatically reach from a headline saying, "IMF Chief Sexually Assaults African Maid."

Though, for the record, I don't necessarily think "democracy, government decentralization, central bank independence, and corporate governance" are bad things. For many years most centralized governments, in Africa and elsewhere, have been poster children for despot-led kleptocracies that don't give a crap about their people, regardless of whether they're taking IMF money.
good observations about capitalism
and racism.
and fuck sticks like 30 & 31
to those who raised the cultural issue--the gall of DSK's emotional/thought processes or arrogance shared with IMF and elite culture--there is a name for it. It is called the illusion of the "beautiful soul," associated with superiorism and dominant/powerful institutions. This "beautiful soul" occurs every time someone believes their social position means they are "better" than....where did you go to school, have your first exhibit, publish your first essay...You can bemoan this, but without effective resistance to it, it continues