Stranger in Their Midst

I Attended a Strategy Meeting of Anti-Gay-Marriage Christians, and They Called Security to Kick Me Out When They Discovered I Was a Nonbeliever


I so love that you went to this. Thank you!
I have respect for reporters since they have to go into hostile environments like this to do their jobs. It can probably be entertaining sometimes, but I'm personally too chickenshit for much drama. Thanks Dominic.
THIS is what a reporter does; gather important news, write and report. Cheers to Dominic, the intrepid hero of the fourth estate.
thank you for doing this. well done and very enlightening.
This is the kind of reporting I'd like to see more of in the Stranger.
When I first heard about this meeting, I was really tempted to sit in and observe. It's refreshing that 5 out of the 14 attendees were pro-equality.
...point person, in a church, to further a political agenda? I say take the names of all the church's people listed.
Church's are allowed tax exemptions because they are, on good faith, not involved in politics per the separation of church and state.
If church's want to start espousing political doctrine, I say take names and start taxing those holy fucks.
Thank you, Dominic, for an informative article, and for attending this!!
Oh wow! Major reportage, Holden!

Just kidding, this is about as lamer as it gets, in your journalistic devolution downwards.

We know you support for the Wal-Martization of the state liquor industry (just a minor step in their overall Privatization of Everything, state by state), as you volunteered that you voted for it, dood!

With Holden and Mudede sounding more and more like corporate, Wall Street-loving dicks everyday, perhaps The Stranger should contact international criminal, Rupert Murdoch, to see about a rebranding of your rag; perhaps rename it The Wall Street Journal, Junior, or maybe The Wall Street Journal -- the Gaytard Edition?

The only thing clever about this article was Washington United for Marriage name (WUM, or womb, get it??????).

At least one staff person wrote something politically effective this week:…

@ #9, if you go the route of "start taxing those holy fucks" you are cutting out many of the people united for marriage equality as well. The recent meeting in Seattle attended by a few hundred people was held at St Marks Episcopal Church. There is a large diverse list of religious organizations in the coalition of equal marriage supporters.
Elizabeth Scott & those of similar thought processes, are far more dangerous to the threads of democracy than any group I can think of......the mere act of 'calling security' should have resulted in the city going in & canceling the meeting in the middle of it ! This woman has too many "power" hormones in her system ! Thanks for the article.
The gay terrorists with all that fire power and bad boy bad girl badness?
Topping Christianity with a single hump of the popes leg?
Undermining American law that has been so fair to all people for ever?
See what happens when you get involved with America?
Great article, scary stuff those folks are talking about, and more of us should sit in on public meetings like this.
People can support the work of Washington United for Marriage, from your computer, if you just go to their website.
Wow real journalism... !!! Well done, it is important to bring the working of society into light, not as a strategy for opposition, but as an expression of democracy.