The Museum That’s a Ship

The New Museum of History & Industry 
and Our Better Future


Some fish may be said to flounder, I suppose, but a deteriorating ship is foundering.

On my last trip to MOHAI in the old location, it made me sad to search and search for my old favorite exhibit, only to finally find him at the end of a dark, narrow corridor past the restrooms; the last stop before the fire exit. It's almost as though Seattle were ashamed of him, not what was done to him.

What was best about MOHAI was that it wasn't all about Seattle's forward progress, the jets, computers and biotech, but also celebrated progress in all the other possible directions. Promotional stunts, toe trucks, and things madmen do in boats.

Everybody knows you cannot replace a soul with ones and zeroes.
Great article, makes me excited to go there.
Wonderful! I can walk there from my place, and this seems like such a great venue for MOHAI. Seattle does something well- cool.
And- what about Bobo?! He's as important as JP Patches.
#1, the ship has not been sinking for 40 years.
#6, I did not think I'd said she was sinking for 40 years, but that the standing water, rotting, and falling apart for the 20 I knew her constituted foundering. Thank you for improving my education.
Went yesterday. One word: awesome. It really is very well done. It will probably be worth it to get the yearly membership at $50.
Man, the sight of the old kids town from the old location (in the post on Slog) really brought me back to my childhood.

Speaking of childhood: Can anyone who's been there give a review of how the place has been set up for kids? At what age would a child start appreciating the exhibits?

Also, anyone know where did they put the cannon that used to be right at the entrance to the Marsh walk?